Stand as one nation, says local activist

Stand as one nation, says local activist
Rights Bahamas president Stephanie St. Fleur

Rights Bahamas President Stephanie St. Fleur is urging Bahamians to put aside their phobias and race and, stand as one nation.

In an  interview with Eyewitness News Online Monday, St. Fleur said, “I am inviting every citizen that lives in The Bahamas whether you are gay, straight, black, white, Chinese, Jamaican, Haitian, African, Trinidadian…whoever you are we are inviting you to take a stand with us, One Bahamas One Stand.”

Her views on the value-added tax (VAT) increase rise are the same outlook, as many Bahamians indicate that the hike to 12 per cent “will affect every single person that lives on this rock”.

“Put your political differences aside; put your religion aside; put your xenophobia aside; put your homophobia aside; put everything aside to stand with us,” she said.

Last week during the tabling of the 2018/2019 Budget Communication, the announcement of the 67 per cent increase in the VAT rate received negative responses from the Bahamian public at large, calling the increase “a death wish”.

St. Fleur passionately requests assistance from the Bahamian public to stand as one.

“… please, this is time for us to speak out and to find our voices … this is time for us to unite and demand better for ourselves, our children and their future.  It’s time for us to unite and take ‘one’ stand,” she expressed.