Speed table and hump installed in Fox Hill

Speed table and hump installed in Fox Hill

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A speed table and hump were installed at the intersection of Rahming and Rose Street on Tuesday, with the aim of decreasing the speed of motorists.

Works Minister Honorable T. Desmond Bannister noted that speed tables are a raised section of road with a ramp on all sides. This is a traffic calming tool used to slow down motorists & allow them to proceed at a moderate speed.

“I’m happy to report that the construction of a speed table and speed hump was completed at the intersection of Rahming and Rose Street,” Bannister said.

“The safety of motorists, passengers and pedestrians is the Ministry of Public Works top priority. Traffic rules, guidelines and calming tools are implemented and strictly enforced so that serious accidents and injuries can be averted.”

Bahamix General Manager Ryan Rahming, said a team of engineers assessed the area in question and determined that a speed table and speed hump was needed at that intersection.

Rahming said: “The speed table was designed to prevent motorists from speeding and to bring an awareness to the driver that they should proceed with caution. They differ from a speed ‘bump’ in that they are longer and flatter and allow traffic to continue at a reasonable speed without too much discomfort. It’s one of many traffic calming devices used by the Ministry.”

A resident who preferred to be addressed as Rolle expressed relief that the Ministry took the concerns of residents seriously and rectified the issue in the community.

Rolle said: “I’m so relieved that something was done here because people tend to fly through the intersection a lot. There have been several occasions where people almost got into what could have been a serious accident due to speeding. I’m so happy our community has this.”