Social services minister to parents: prioritize back-to-school spending

Min. of Social Services Frankie Campbell

Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell has urged parents to purchase necessary school items before spending money frivolously.

His comments came at the height of the back-to-school shopping season, just days before the opening of the new school year.  Many parents face extra expenses this year, in light of the government’s decision to decrease the Department of Social Services’ uniform budget from $360,000 last year to $270,000, limiting free uniforms to two per household for those in need.

“We as parents must prioritize between the needs of our children and the wants of our children,” said Campbell, “and if we do that, the needs will always come first and they will be met, and whatever is leftover will address the wants.”

Campbell said there is more than sufficient resources in the budget to accommodate Bahamians in need.

“While there has been some alteration in the allotment of uniform allowance, the budget for the ministry of social services has not been cut up,” he explained.

“The budget for the Social Services ministry has been increased. There are funds available and like any other government in the past, we have the ability to make adjustments as we go.

“So I have made it clear that if we find it necessary, we will go back to the cabinet and allocate more resources.”