Six Abaco storm evacuees gain employment at Club Med

Six Abaco storm evacuees gain employment at Club Med

Storm survivors grateful for the opportunity to rebuild their lives

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Six evacuees from Abaco who were being sheltered at Pilgrim Baptist Church were relocated to San Salvador earlier yesterday and provided a one-year employment contract at Club Med Resort, inclusive of room and board.

Eyewitness News Online spoke to some of the evacuees who said that after experiencing such devastation, they were happy to begin the process rebuilding their lives.

“Well Freeport has been struggling for a long time and this storm here has done some devastation, so it will be a while before it gets back up and running, and to be able to go somewhere and get work, it’s amazing,” Elliot Armbrister said

“I feel more strength, I could work,” said Gora Major. “I want something to do to get up on my feet.”

James Strachan said he was grateful.

“Some people don’t have the opportunity or the chance,” he noted.

“Some didn’t survive. At least I got a chance to start anew.”

Sending off the evacuees were Urban Renewal Operations Manager Pamela Miller, who told Eyewitness News Online that she hopes the opportunity provides a ray of hope for others suffering.

“This is hope that there is some good happening in the land after such a horrific experience,” Miller said.

“Some of them are thankful and very grateful for the opportunity that was presented to them.

“We still have a few more that are willing to go, but they have to get their documentation sorted out.

“Some of them are Bahamians, even though some may have Haitian accents, they are in possession of Bahamian passports.”

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