Simpson Penn resident still missing

Simpson Penn resident still missing
Simpson Penn School for Boys

Nearly two weeks after 13 boys escaped from the Simpson Penn School for Boys, one of the juveniles is still unaccounted for.

Authorities confirmed to Eyewitness News yesterday that the missing teen was a part of the group that broke out of the compound located in eastern New Providence back on August 12th.

A security officer, while conducting routine checks of the facility, heard a noise and upon inspection discovered a gaping hole in one of the cottages. It was later revealed that 13 boys were missing. Police were able to capture four of the boys on the day of the escape and eight others were eventually found in the days that followed. Many of them were reportedly found in the neighboring Fox Hill community or with family members.

One remains at large, however, officials are unable to release his identity because he is underage.

Minister of Social Services & Urban Development Frankie Campbell, who is responsible for the school, has said he is committed to enhancing the security protocols at the facility.

Attempts to reach him yesterday for an update, however, were unsuccessful and when contacted for comment, school officials referred us to the Minister.

It is unclear if the new security measures are already in place. Eyewitness News understands that an investigation is underway to determine if caretakers who were on duty at the time of the escape will be reprimanded.