Shell Saxons Superstars named official winners of Boxing Day parade after penalty repealed

Shell Saxons Superstars named official winners of Boxing Day parade after penalty repealed
Shell Saxons Superstars on Bay Street (Photo courtesy of Keval Williams Photography)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – After protesting the unofficial results of the 2019 Boxing Day Parade, the Independent Review Committee (IRC) has recommended the repeal of certain penalties from the final score of the Shell Saxons Superstars.

As a result, the group has been named the official winner of the parade, making it a back-to-back win for the Saxons during the holiday parades.

The Valley Boys was named the unofficial winner of the 2019 Boxing Day parade, securing 81.44 points, and Saxons Superstars placed second with 80.01 points.

The results have been hotly debated on social media with fans and junkanooers questioning the fairness of penalties given.

Several groups protested the scores.

The IRC reportedly delivered its report at the JCNP offices on Monday night, making its recommendations.

Saxons Superstars Co-chair Kendenique Moss told Eyewitness News yesterday that the judge’s times cards played a very important role in the repeal of the results.

“We were being timed from the beginning to the end and some persons weren’t.

“So as a result of that, the penalties applied and not applied played a major role in the outcome of the parade.”

She continued: “We felt as though we won both parades initially and because of the penalties and other things that would have contributed to the fraction of a defeat, we pretty much just let it go.

“So we rebounded and we came out for New Years with new gust and new energy and we were successful in winning the entire parade with a clean sweep for New Years.”

Saxons also swept the 2020 New Year’s Day Junkanoo parade, taking the top spot and all categories with their ‘Bahamian or Nuttin’ theme.

The unofficial results showed that Saxons earned a score of 84.62 after being penalized one point.

The Valley Boys, which performed under the theme “The Games We Play”, placed second in the A category , earning a score of 81.44 after being penalized.

One Family came in third place with  81.10 points and Roots placed fourth, receiving a score of  76.39.

In a statement on the possible change in the Boxing Day results, the Valley Boys Chairman Brian Adderley advised members that it did not agree with the report.

“We wish to advise you that The Valley Boys do not agree with the major findings outlined in the Committee’s Report particularly those related to the Boxing Day Parade Penalties and certain matters related to the New Year’s Day 2020 Parade,” the statement read.

“Specifically, as it relates to the Boxing Day Parade.

“The report recommends that certain penalties issued to certain A-Groups be reversed or thrown out.”

The Valley Boys statement continued: “The reversal of these penalties, if executed by the Returning Officer, will change the positioning of groups in the A-Division and therefore the unofficial results of the Boxing Day Parade.

“We have requested an official copy of the report and will share this with you immediately upon receipt.

“We are quite aware how confusing, frustrating and angry this information will make you therefore, we wish to assure you that we will take the necessary action to ensure that the unofficial results of both parades are not further compromised and that fairness is maintained.

It added: “Once again, we will keep you updated on these urgent and important matters.”

The Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence could not be reached for comment on the matter.