Shanty town shutdown is “a good thing”

Shanty town shutdown is “a good thing”
Minister of Transport Frankie Campbell.

Local Government Minister Frankie Campbell reiterated Tuesday that the Minnis administration is doing the right thing when it comes to the destruction of shanty town communities.

Campbell, who said he holds a special relationship with the Haitian-Bahamian community, also said he doesn’t agree with the numerous illegal shanty town communities, which have been allowed to thrive throughout The Bahamas for many years.

The government has given all shanty town residents until July 31 to relocate.

Labor Minister Dion Foulkes, who heads the Shanty Town Committee, revealed Monday that government will excite three rounds of eviction notices over the coming weeks.

Campbell said Tuesday that government has exercised due diligence in the entire process and trusts that the efforts will prove fruitful.

“There are naturally born Bahamians who live in these Shanty Towns. For whatever economic reason they find themselves there, but they are contributing to this two parallel societies and I think it is high time for everyone to be properly integrated,” shared Campbell.

“Integrated to ensure that there is no abuse of young persons and to ensure that there are no illegal activities going on.

“To ensure that there can be proper policing. To ensure that there could be proper assistance from the social services etc. To ensure that there can be access in the event of an emergency.”

He continued, “It’s important for these areas to be regulated like any other area to ensure that they operate like every other community in The Bahamas.”

Once the unregulated communities have been shut down, Campbell said he hopes that the Haitian-Bahamian and Bahamian communities can now function in unison.