Severe Weather for The Bahamas

Severe Weather for The Bahamas
Parts of New Providence were submerged under water as a result of heavy rains across the island this week. Photo: Vanessa Clarke

Heavy rains have left behind major flooding in parts of New Providence.

Residential areas including Nassau East, Pinewood, and some parts of Coral Harbour are all left with significant flooding.

The heavy rains are expected to carry on until Saturday, January 13, then hold off again until Tuesday of next week.

A thunderstorm warning was released earlier this week on Tuesday, January 9.

The severe weather has led to some recently alarming scenarios.

One viral video surfacing through social media of a waterspout that touched down yesterday during the country’s national holiday, Majority Rule day.

The water spout was seen opposite Junkanoo Beach yesterday afternoon.

The severe weather has also caused trouble in other parts of the Caribbean. A 7.6 magnitude earthquake, recorded to be the strongest earthquake to hit the region in modern times hit the coast of Honduras Tuesday night.

The earthquake triggering off advisories for other Caribbean islands to warn against rising sea levels for other Caribbean nations, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean, exclusive for nor The Bahamas.

The advisory issued warnings that sea levels could rise from a foot to 3 feet (0.3 to 1 meter) above normal.

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