Several cays in the Abacos exempted from new restrictions

Several cays in the Abacos exempted from new restrictions
Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Several cays in the Abacos have been exempted from the curfew measures being introduced on the mainland and New Providence beginning yesterday.

As announced by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, a 24-hour curfew will take effect on Abaco and New Providence on Friday, October 9, at 7pm until Tuesday, October 13, at 5am.

Thereafter, a 24-hour curfew will take effect on Fridays at 7pm through Mondays at 5am.

A nightly curfew will take effect beginning Tuesday, between 7pm and 5am.

The measures apply to islands in the second schedule of the latest emergency orders — Abaco and New Providence, Paradise Island and Rose Island.

However, Green Turtle Cay, Grand Cay, Man-O-War Cay and Elbow Cay have been exempted from the measures, and instead been included in the first schedule.

During the weekend 24-hour curfews, only a select number of essential services will continue.

Food stores, gas stations, pharmacies and water depots will remain close during this period.

Permitted activities on Abaco during curfew include restaurant takeaway and gas stations on Saturday and Sunday between 6am and 6pm; and on Monday, October 12, during the same hours.

Grocery stores, pharmacies using curbside or delivery service, gas stations providing external services; water depots; dental practice; the Central Bank; a commercial bank; insurance agents; law firms; real estates agents, architects; money transfer services; retail bakeries; news vendors; Laundromats; dry cleaning; gaming operators; retail business and salons and barbershops may open with certain restrictions during the week.

A worship service may be conducted on Saturday and Sunday between 7am and 1pm, in accordance with the Bahamas Christian Council protocols.

A school shall be permitted to operate virtually with a teacher permitted to attend the premises to facilitate the virtual learning.

Weddings may be held with no more than 10 people, excluding the officiant, in a religious institution. As it relates to funerals, graveside service or internment services may be carried out with a maximum of 10 people.

The orders also provide for hotels to open.

However, guests in quarantine must remain on the premises.

A business or commercial activity in a resort shall be permitted to operate without restricted hours.

Guests of a hotel must remain on the premises during the curfews imposed.

Restaurants, including mobile takeaway, may open between 6am and 6pm using curbside, drive-thru or takeaway.

Notwithstanding the 24-hour weekend curfew, a retail or wholesale grocer or manufacturer

Charters, including inter-island charters, may also operate.

All public and private beaches and parks will be closed.

Residents will be permitted to exercise in their immediate neighborhood on Monday through Friday between 5am and 7pm.

Additionally, the orders provide for construction to continue on Monday through Friday between 6am and 6pm.

Private and public bus service, as well as taxi service, may operate at 50 percent occupancy.

Social gatherings remain prohibited.

A business must close where 10 percent of its employees have tested positive for the virus.

Businesses in the second schedule may continue their operations with employees working remotely using virtual means.

A business, establishment or institution may operate using curbside or delivery service. As it relates to inter-island travel, a person must obtain a negative RT PCR test prior to seeking a health visa and quarantine upon arrival on the island.

The quarantine provision is expected to come to an end on November 1, according to the government.

While a test is not required for travel to New Providence, a negative test is required when departing New Providence to return to a Family Island.

Travel is not permitted to or from an island that has been placed on lockdown.

First schedule

With the exception of Abaco and New Providence, all other islands are included in the first schedule, including Grand Bahama.

While a curfew remains in effect for Grand Bahama between 10pm and 5am daily, islands if the first schedule of the orders have been allowed to return to normal business activity following health guidelines.

Restaurants may offer indoor and outdoor dining.

Salons, barbershops and cosmetologists may operate.

The orders permit social gatherings of no more than 20 people at a private facility or residence.

Weddings and wedding receptions, and well as funerals, burials, and repasts following health guidelines may be held.

Beaches and parks shall remain open.

However, beaches or parks in Grand Bahama will open between 5am and noon,


4 days straight for Abaco no cases and we locked down. My kids just started school in person now told to do virtual school with unreliable internet. Minnis has to go. Do us all a favor and resign.

The worst thing to ever happen to this country. He say he is a professional doctor and the hospital is on the voyage of callaspe instead of buying cars for covid he should should have put that money in to the health system.All government vehicle’s should be parked because the businesses hotspots are mostly government complex.And put all the fuel money into the health system .They using every excuse for their the failure .He has destroyed the poor bahamian’s peiple

I was out yesterday afternoon because BPL was working on lines, we had no power for 7+ hrs, which is ok, went longer during Dorian, I went to Dundas to Casuarina and to my amazement, very little traffic and not ONE Police car, so I don’t understand why Abaco on lock down, he think COVID only hits on the weekend, but yet you can go to the Cays & work, I’m confused

I hope he ready to be out one minute after the election results with his petty self. Hes acting like we are a pile of little children

I hope he ready to be out one minute aftier the election results with his petty self. Hes acting like we are a pile of little children

They won’t care they’re filling his pockets and secret accounts . I would suspect all the money being borrowed spent can’t be accounted for and kick backs. Remember it’s the people’s time…. to be screwed.

At first I didn’t agree with the lockdown but the country is in trouble now with almost 5000 infected persons and more than 100 death,persons are walking around and know they have it infecting other people with out regards for any one we have to get this thing under control so I believed the lockdown is necessary for all of us even new York and other city’s also re.lockingdown.

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