Serial child abductor strikes again

Serial child abductor strikes again

Eight-year-old boy lured into car driven by a female


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Eight-year-old Sanschon Henry was snatched away by a serial child abductor on Saturday while walking home with his brother after playing with friends.

According to police reports, shortly before 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, Henry, along with his 10-year-old brother, were standing in front of their residence on Collin Close off Lumumba Lane, when a female driving a silver vehicle stopped and started talking to the boys. The ten-year-old boy reportedly walked away but the woman is said to have lured Henry into her car and sped away.

A short time later, police reported that Henry was dropped off on the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway near the entrance of the City Dump. The boy was reunited with his parents and was taken to hospital where he is said to be in good health.

At no time during his disappearance did police notify the press that a child was missing.

This latest abduction renewed calls by residents for government to activate the Marco’s Alert System which government said continues to be a work in progress.

Last week, Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell reported that following discussions with National Security Minister Marvin Dames the alert is expected to be fully operational “soon.”

Meanwhile, police said there is still no motive for the recent abductions but they are following several leads.


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