Senior doctors threaten industrial action

Senior doctors threaten industrial action

One day after junior doctors and nurses protested outside the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), senior doctors and consultants are now also threatening industrial action.

On Thursday the Consultants Physicians Staff Association (CPSA) gave the government an ultimatum, “respect us” or else.

‘Our patients deserve respect, our nurses deserve respect, our junior doctors deserve respect and the consultants deserve respect t and we will show these people in power what respect means,” Treasurer of the CPSA Dr John Dillet said yesterday.

It’s an all too familiar cry, certainly one that has been echoed by the nurses’ union, the doctor’s union and now the CSPA.

Mounting concerns ranging from faulty air-conditioning units, lack of essential medical supplies and simple respect have led the senior doctors to take a stand.

Dr Dillet told Eyewitness News things have finally come to head.

“The air-condition isn’t works, supplies, we don’t have medications, those are the obvious things but certainly to the CPSA’s point, the men and women of these group, the persons who have dedicated decades of their life to training and service to this country, we have not had a raise in 10 years,” he claimed.

“We have no pension, we have no health care, we have members who get sick on the job and they have to figure out how to get themselves better. That is unfortunate and that should not be happening in the Bahamas in 2018.”