Senior citizen teacher face molestation charges

Senior citizen teacher face molestation charges

A handcuffed Garfield Hepburn was brought before a judge yesterday, as an angry mob of parents yelled “you’ll rot in jail” outside the South Street courthouse, to face molestation related charges.

Hepburn, 65,  was charged with three counts of indecent assault, involving three different students.

Court documents state that the alleged assaults happened on September 1, 2017 and March 5, 2018.

The mother of one of the alleged victims, who spoke with Eyewitness News Online outside of court yesterday claimed, Hepburn had been arrested before.

“They let him go,” she claimed.

The mother who was obviously distraught claimed, “He would do it during class time. The whole class came out. My baby used to hide in the bathroom, she didn’t want to go to  school. She’s been behind in school work, I didn’t know why.”

Education Minister Jeff Lloyd when contacted by Eyewitness News wasn’t aware of the incident but said the Ministry of Education would be conducting a separate investigation on the matter.