SeaWords Bahamas festival set for November 9-11

SeaWords Bahamas festival set for November 9-11

A new festival will promote the literary arts here in the Bahamas as Creative Nassau (CN) announced its newest project Friday.

SeaWords Bahamas ALIV (SeaWords), will hold its inaugural three-day event from November 9 – 11 this year. Bahamians and international participants will be welcomed to participate in technique building workshops which will feature performances by talented Bahamian writers, Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom and world-renowned poet and author, Carol Ann Duffy.

Glinton-Meicholas, a member of the festival organizing committee revealed that “we are launching a festival dedicated to promoting and celebrating writing as an art form and profession …”

SeaWords also wants to promote writing as a “multi-billion-dollar creative industry with the power to bring valuable diversification to the Bahamian economy,” said Glinton-Meicholas.

The festival will not only contain workshops on writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, it will also highlight writing for the media, poetry and playwriting, film script development, the book’s journey from concept to publication and intellectual property law.


This article was written by TAJARO HUDSON, Eyewitness News intern.