Sears files complaint with RBPF over ‘false stories, schemes’

Sears files complaint with RBPF over ‘false stories, schemes’
Alfred Sears QC

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Attorney Alfred Sears, QC, has filed a complaint with authorities related to several “fabricated stories” purporting that he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars through a cryptocurrency investment program.

An online article, titled ‘Special Report: Alfred M. Sear’s latest investment has the government and big banks terrified’ purports to quote Sears as saying his “number one money-maker is a new cryptocurrency auto trading program called Bitcoin Storm”.

The program encourages enrollment in The Bahamas.

“Over the past three weeks, a number of fabricated stories have been circulating on various social media platforms about me and using my likeness through photographs and my name stating that I am promoting a bitcoin investment, had co-authored a book titled ‘United We Stand’ and making scandalous allegations,” Sears wrote in a statement.

“I have not authorized these publications and the contents contained therein.

“These stories are completely false. I have not given any of these entities permission to use my likeness or name at any point. I have not authorized anyone to give such permission.

“I did not benefit in any way from or endorse these schemes.

“I have filed a complaint with the Royal Bahamas Police Force relating to these matters and an investigation is underway.”

Sears appealed to the public to refrain from circulating the stories or investing in the schemes, which he stressed are fraudulent.

The article uses a photo of Sears and lists a series of transactions for 2019 purportedly using the program. The photo shows profit gains of $17,393.33 on January 14 for example. Four more transactions are listed, including a February 6 purported profit gain of $25,493.10 and an account holding of $489,796.13 at the time.

The article claims Sears spoke of the cryptocurrency program during appearances on ‘Eyewitness News’ and ‘Our News’, but claims “the segment ran out of time before Alfred M. Sears could elaborate, so we got an exclusive interview with the man himself to learn more about this controversial opportunity”.

The article includes dozens of testimonies of people claiming to make large sums of money using the program. A link is also shared with steps to make an account and fund the account by entering credit or debit card details.