Search expands for missing American woman

Search expands for missing American woman

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The search for an American woman who was thrown overboard following a boating incident in waters off Bimini nearly two weeks ago has expanded, though inclement weather challenged those efforts today.

Today marked the 13th day of the search and rescue, and recovery efforts since the collision.

Superintendent Terecita Pinder said: “Up to now the defense force vessel is out there looking for her. The search is ongoing. The officer in charge of the Bimini Division said they changed rotations several times in regards to searching areas that she is likely to have gone because of the winds and different changes in that.

“Unfortunately, he said the seas aren’t too favorable today. There are more winds and sea waves than normal. But they are still out there looking.”

Police said the boat captain, his female companion, along with another couple departed Luna Beach and were en route to Honeymoon Harbour; however, a short time later the boat struck an object.

The captain and his companion, both of whom sustained injuries, were transported to the Bimini Clinic for medical assistance before being airlifted to Florida.

A man and a woman fell overboard.

The man was found the following morning on Turtle Rock, two nautical miles from Bimini.

He was identified as 30-year-old Javier Marcos Perez, a resident of Miami.

Eyewitness News understands the missing woman is Carolyn, though police have not officially released her identity.

Her mother, Liz Carol, and other relatives travelled to New Providence last week.

In a Facebook post, Carol said a long weekend became the “worst nightmare”.

“Back home and without my Carolyn,” she said.

“Her body could never be found. Javier’s body created… tomorrow. They send him to Miami for a second autopsy and then put him to rest in peace. A long weekend became the worst nightmare and all for riding a boat of strangers.”