Sealy re-elected as BFA president

Sealy re-elected as BFA president

Anton Sealy was voted in as Bahamas Football Association (BFA) president for another term this week.

Sealy edged out former vice president Jason McDowall for the presidency. Several new vice presidents were voted in to fill the five vacant positions, including Dion Godet, Sean Thompson, Gavin Christie, Dwayne Whylly Jr., and Andre Moss.

The voting resulted in a tie between Sealy and former board member, McDowall.

Subsequent attempts to break the tie were not successful, which led to Club members retiring with a deadlock.

“We will work together to implement policies which promote and develop the beautiful game as the Bahamas Football Association enters its 51st year,” Sealy said following the elections.

Sealy’s first order of business as re-elected president will be monitoring the launch of the BFA’s Youth League, which kicks off October 19.

Boys Under-18 matches will be played on Friday evenings, while other boys’ and girls’ games will be played on Saturdays at the Roscoe Davies Field.