Scotiabank Bahamas continues investment in technologies

Scotiabank Bahamas continues investment in technologies

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Scotiabank Bahamas plans to continue its investment in the latest banking technologies to provide greater convenience for customers, and help minimize banking disruptions amid the ongoing health crisis.

Managing Director Roger Archer said the bank has made multi-million dollar investments in its mobile app and online banking platforms over the past 6 months.

“We are very mindful that customers are looking for greater convenience and safety and we will continue to roll out new, exciting initiatives that will help to satisfy these needs,” he added.

Archer noted the bank also remains keen on providing enhanced security for customers using these digital channels. 

Scotiabank customers can use the bank’s mobile app to control card usage and to limit transaction amounts.

“We are also strongly urging our customers to sign up for Scotia Alerts which provides email notifications for transactions initiated on their account,” Archer said.

“This is a very important tool that customers can use to mitigate any unauthorised activity in real time.”

Customers also have the added benefit of accessing their paperless retail statements on our online banking platform or mobile banking app.

According to Archer, the bank has already received overwhelmingly positive feedback on digital enhancements.

He said customers can look forward to even more new features before the end of the year, pointing to the bank’s Intelligent Deposit Machine replacement programme currently underway.

The programme seeks to replace 50 percent of the bank’s existing fleet over the next 12 months.

Archer said the move has significantly expanded the range of self-service banking options available to customers.

Those options include direct credit card payments, real time credit for cash deposits, and itemized receipts that list the number and denomination of bills deposited at the IDM.

The receipts can also display images of deposited cheques and transfers to local currency accounts.

In a statement, the bank said it will continue its ongoing customer engagements and education programme to assist customers with the ongoing transition to more digital banking.

The bank also plans to proactively target customers who might require additional assistance when navigating the use of its digital banking channels.