Scotiabank awarded “Best Bank” for second consecutive year

Scotiabank awarded “Best Bank” for second consecutive year

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Scotiabank Bahamas is celebrating its 2nd consecutive “Best Bank” award after being named on Global Finance Magazine’s list of 2020 Best Banks in the Latin American region.

The selection comes amid an ongoing and focused digital transformation programme being pioneered by the Bank to enhance customer experience.

“For the past two years we have been on an exciting technology-driven journey that is improving our operations and this has aided us to exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Roger Archer, Vice President and District Head, Caribbean North.

“This award serves as another indicator that we continue to head in the right direction.”

Global Finance noted a seven-year initiative with Visa to develop innovative payment solutions for Caribbean and Central American Visa cardholders, the launch of a new generation of ATMs, the introduction of real-time account monitoring and the new Scotia Mobile application in its validation of Scotiabank’s selection.

Archer continued: “Our investments in digital technology allowed customers to seamlessly continue their banking using our self-service and remote banking options as Bahamians responded the local arrival of the novel coronavirus.”

He affirmed the bank’s commitment to driving innovation so as to meet the evolving needs of both retail and commercial customers, especially as the region commences a path toward economic recovery.

“2020 has presented significant challenges for almost every industry and as we prepare to increase our support for our customers during these challenging times, this award proves as excellent motivation our team of Scotiabankers, not only in the Bahamas, but across the Caribbean region,” he said.

“I would also like to thank our loyal customers for their incredible support.”

The Bank also won the top 2020 award for its operations in Trinidad and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Global Finance editors, with input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts, selects the winners for the Best Bank Awards using entries provided by banks and other providers, as well as independent researchers.

Judging incorporates criteria—including knowledge of local conditions and customer needs, financial strength and safety, strategic relationships and governance, competitive pricing, capital investment and innovation in products and services.