Scholastic Chess Championships this weekend

Scholastic Chess Championships this weekend
Members of The Bahamas Chess Federation work on their conceptable.

The Bahamas Chess Federation (BCF) is set to host its annual Scholastic Chess Championships on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Tambearly School, which will feature a five-round Swiss format.

The deadline for team registration is Friday, May 18.

According to tournament organizer Elton Joseph, players should arrive at the venue no later than 9:30 a.m. for roster confirmations and pairing.

“I am expecting to see some stiff competition during the competition,” Joseph said.

“I expect Queens College (QC) to have a strong team. C.R. Walker is always competitive and we expect them to have several teams, and also the host team. We know that Tambearly will have a few teams competing in the scholastic championships as well. So, we expect to host quite a few teams when we get rolling on Saturday.

“We want everyone to be registered and ready to roll by Friday night because we plan to start on time on Saturday morning.”

The tournament will feature four tie-break systems, including game points, direct encounter, Buchholz and Sonneborn-Berger. Also, the FIDE Laws will govern the tournament, meaning all mobile phones, laptops, and tablets must be switched off before each round.

The default time is 15 minutes after the round has started. And if a player defaults two games in the event, he may be withdrawn from the tournament.