Sands says governments purchase of Grand Lucayan is good

Leonard Sands, former president of the Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA).

Bahamas Contractors Association President Leonard Sands says the renovation of the Grand Lucayan resort will cost up to an estimated $25 million, a better deal than the figure Sands says was estimated by others.

“I’ve heard figures thrown out like 100 million -that’s not realistic,” he said.

“The entire property only needs a refresh not a rebuild.”

Sands explains there’s only a relatively small portion of the resort that needs to be rebuilt and for a better understanding, the government should be transparent with the Bahamian people regarding the works needed at the hotel.  He said the decision for the government to purchase the multimillion-dollar hotel is necessary.

“The sale of the Grand Lucayan hotel was not something the government planned for, but you had a scenario where you had to do something.

“From a construction standpoint, we in the contractor’s association see it as a great opportunity to engage contractors and get them to repair if that’s a decision the government has to make.”