Sands remains undefeated

Sands remains undefeated

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Heavyweight contender Amron Sands moved to 8-0 overall this weekend after scoring a first-round knockout over Hector Hodge in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Sands hit Hodge with an overhand right hand that sent him to the canvas. The referee immediately stopped the fight following the knockdown. The win catapulted Sands to No.17 on the US Heavyweight Ladder.

“Just to be in the top 20 is a blessing,” Sands said. “Coming from a small island, making it to number 19 in just a year is an accomplishment in itself. There are over 300 athletes competing in the division, and me and my coaches are pushing to move up the ladder, even more, this year.

“I’m now beginning to take on stiffer competition and will look to get into six round fights during the year. You have to move up in rounds if you want to go against higher ranked fighters.”

Sands went undefeated in 2018, including a TKO win over Francois Russell on October 5.

He currently trains out of the Orlando Boxing Club under coach Jose Cruz. The 6’5” 250-pounder began his career with the Strikers Boxing Club. From there, he was invited to train in Florida where he made his debut on August 5, 2017, with a TKO win over Julio Mendoza.