Sands: PLP spent $27 million on ‘hole’

Sands: PLP spent $27 million on ‘hole’
Minister of Health, Dr. Duane Sands.

A large hole on the side of the hill is all Bahamians have left to show after spending millions for a hospital to be constructed in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera. Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands made the startling revelation during his contribution to the mid-year budget late Thursday evening.

“Where this gets to be upsetting is that the American government has been trying to donate a mammogram machine and all they required is for us to renovate the medical center,” Sands said.

“The cost of the repairs would have been less than $100,000. I am ashamed to admit that because money was diverted to this hole in the ground, the Americans could not donate it and the machine has been sent somewhere else.”

Dr. Sands said he believes this is one of the greatest travesties committed.

“To dig a hole on the side of the hill is nothing short of a national disgrace,” Dr. Sands charged.

“…we have dug a massive hole to put a $27 million hospital that we will not be be to afford.”

What is even more concerning, according to Dr. Sands is what happened to the fill that was removed from the site.

“Now what we have is fill that is moved from the hole. We don’t know where it is whether it is being sold and who is benefiting from the sale. Interestingly North and Central Eleuthera is separated. Wouldn’t that fill be handy to put Eleuthera back together,” the health minister asked.

So far about $453,000 was paid to the architect with millions remaining to be paid.

Additionally, Sands told Parliament that $533,000 was paid to the construction company who also has a multi-million dollar balance to be paid.