Superstar Samara Johnson featured by Sandals

Superstar Samara Johnson featured by Sandals

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Samara Johnson, a convention services manager in-training, has been highlighted by Sandals Royal Bahamian as a star of excellence at the resort.

A press release from Sandals chronicled Samara’s journey at the company, which has earned her numerous awards, accolades and commendations.

General Manager, Adrian Whitehead called her as a “sterling model of Sandals excellence,” who is often lauded by guests, colleagues and leaders at the highest level in the company.

The Bahamian native started working at the resort in 2016, two years after her mother passed. Being the eldest of four children, Johnson made the tough decision to defer her dreams of going to college and get a job. 

“I applied for jobs and worked at a few places in different capacities. I worked as a sales agent and I worked at a waterpark. I ended up checking out Sandals when the resort at which I was working decided against renewing my contract after three months,” she recalled.

Oblivious to what life would now look like for her, she decided to apply to Sandals to work as a dinner reservationist.

“I was young and timid but eager to learn. At the time, all the restaurants required a reservation so the guests would form lines outside my office every day,” she explained.

“I worked diligently through it all, learning from those around me and immersing myself into other aspects of the food and beverage department. I would go into the restaurants as a hostess, and at times I would help clean silverware.

 “As a matter of fact, that was where I got my first introduction to managing candlelight dinners which ended up being a pivotal part of my job in sales,” Johnson added.

She went about her duties good-naturedly and with much fervor.  A year later, the food and beverage director at the time brought Johnson to the sales manager as they were looking for a junior sales executive.

“I didn’t apply for the role, I didn’t mention to anyone that I wanted a different position. I was shocked when he walked me to her office. When I got there she told me she had been watching me for a while and she believes I have what it takes to excel in sales,” Johnson expressed.

The then-sales manager gave her a rigorous eight-week training schedule to ensure she would be outfitted with the relevant skillsets of a sales executive. The training was successful and Johnson quickly matriculated into a resort tour specialist, an expert at handling special requests and small groups.

From there, she continued to make significant strides even becoming a departmental trainer. In 2018, she received another promotion to senior sales executive and is currently being trained to take on the role of Convention Services Manager.

Johnson thanked Sandals for the professional and personal growth that the brand has afforded her.

“I remember when I was afraid to even speak to guests but Sandals helped me to hone my public speaking skills,” she nored.

“It broke me out of my shell and helped me to live in supreme confidence. I am also grateful to Sandals for making me as marketable as I am today.

“So many major players in this industry have extended job opportunities but the things they admire in me were molded right here. I am Sandals.” she said.

“I remember being overlooked for certain roles because I didn’t have a degree but Sandals qualified me by giving me training at the highest level, a five-star work experience and through the Sandals Corporate University (SCU), I am fully certified in not just sales but in hospitality and tourism.”

Simone Grey McKenzie, director of sales and Johnson’s Manager, shared that she is very excited about her future in tourism.

“Samara possesses a level of zeal that is unmatched. She is extremely passionate about sales and service, which are never lost on leaders. I am confident and thrilled about the fact that she will experience even more growth within this company and the industry at large,” she said.


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