Sailing vloggers defend isolation in Bahamian waters

Sailing vloggers defend isolation in Bahamian waters
The Trautman Family.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – An American couple isolating on their sailboat in the Ragged Island chain confirmed today that they legally cleared Bahamas Customs and Immigration before entering Bahamian waters.

Captain Brian Trautman and his wife Karin, who host a sailing travel vlog, were featured in a BBC World Service report yesterday which quickly made its way around Bahamian social media yesterday.

The story was widely received by Bahamians with outrage – many of whom questioned whether the couple was in Bahamian waters legally and whether they were poaching from the waters – given footage showing them catching crawfish.

In an interview with Eyewitness News today, Trautman insisted that these misconceptions were not true.

“We did in fact legally clear into the Bahamas through Customs and Immigration and were provided a cruising permit for our boat and fishing permit, as well as paid all our fees required for checking in,” he said.
“Since the lockdown order came into place we have observed the notices by sheltering in place.
“We are very passionate about conservation and following the laws and guidelines set out by The Bahamas government, and go out of our way to support marine conservation initiatives. “

He further explained that the content for their videos is filmed weeks in advance, so the footage shown during the interview was filmed in February and March prior to the lobster season-ending.

Trautman noted that it is understandable how easy it is to mistake that everything filmed is current, however, he sought to assure that they are not breaking or flaunting The Bahamas’ rules while the rest of the country is on lockdown.

He said the negative backlash received from the story has been something new for them, given that they always try to portray a positive image of the people they meet and the places they visit.

The couple has been sailing from country to country on board the SV Delos for more than 10 years, exploring the world’s oceans.

Trautman also expressed thanks for the support they have received from Bahamians in Duncan Town, who have made them feel very welcomed and safe, and have also helped to arrange the delivery of supplies from the mail boat.

When Eyewitness News reached out to the Royal Bahamas Defense Force yesterday, a spokesperson advised that they were looking into reports of the couple’s isolation in Bahamian waters.



The Ragged Island US couple that are harming no one.The Defense Force is really hunting for them ? US citizens are treated so badly in the Bahamas it really should be looked at by our State Dept.Why have the Bahamas issued close to 1000 work permits for Chinese Workers during this Corona 19 emergency but I see no Chinese being hunted down and arrested.Most of the virus cases are in Nassau were these Chinese workers are but every notice is about US citizens to leave the country. China can do anything they want in the Bahamas.

You sound extremely ignorant or misinformed. Americans and any other tourist that has visited the Bahamas are treated as royalty. I live and work in such environments and do my best in insuring that they consider returning but experiences do vary. In regards to their situation, they’ll need to provide proof to support their claims and in their video (which contains voice over) they were speaking as though they were still on their “adventure”. We harbor no ill intent on any of our vistors, their release was just ill timing considering that the season IS current closed so they would be harming our waters AND that they should not be there considering the current circumstances.

David Dawson you obviously have never been to the Bahamas.we treat everyone that visits us with love need to ask the millions of people that visit us every year. SO YOU NEED TO SIT SMALL.

Hopefully the RBDF will investigate the stories about the Bahamian non-travel they posted 5 days ago, such as they are on their way from San Juan. One steroid induced man, one anorexic female, and one infant left rolling during high seaa on outside cushion in the sun, screaming without parental intervention all posted on money making internet scheme.

how are they harming “your” waters? Who do they have to provide “proof” to? You? hahahaha!!. The government already has their documents.
Get a life dude.

Why wouldn’t the RBDF contact immigration? Would be a simple phone call.

Kyle Westburger: I do not feel that personal attacks help your cause.I took the time to look up the US State Dept level 2 advisory on travel to the Bahamas.Violent crime, burglaries,armed robberies,sexual assault are all common even in the daytime and in tourist areas. So rather than put more police on the street to solve these gigantic recurring crimes mostly against USCitizens The Bahamas will send a patrol boat to a remote Island because a couple with a young child is minding their own business after legally clearing in to cruise.Don’t you see that attacking myself and others that want a better Bahamas simply proves our case.

“Internet scheme”…Brother, you clearly have no idea what it takes to produce a show with no production support. As a rule of thumb, editing takes 1-2 hours per minute of video. But you don’t really care about artists being paid for their work. No, you care about lobbing hate balloons anonymously on public websites. Bit of a wanker, Jim. Be less wankery.

Stop talking shit thy should not be recording it then they would not be getting into shit do you see Bahamian going in US waters and not going by the rules thy rape our waters more than anybody.

It is harming our waters, because there is a reason we only fish during certaian season, it endangers our animals, we had issues with cubans, hatians, americans etc fishing and diving out of season and all are treated the same. Bahamians are not allowed to stay on private or uninhabited islands, we can only fish or dive during certain seasons, so why are tourists/AMERICANS deserving of the privelege, their own citizens are not?!? USA is known for racial descrimination (facts), high crimes (facts), etc., etc. But if your a tourist, regardless of your class, color, or citizenship, we all bahamians, treat you with royalty, not just people in tourism. Racism, descrimination, etc. are not found in the bahamas. Out of a billion tourist 1% may have a bad experience, and that is based on the environment they go to, even america has ghettos/slums. SMH, if they followed the law then they have no problems, but those on ships were told that they should not leave their boats and usa called for all their citizens to return home. We still have guests in our hotels who are still treated as if their on vacation. But the question is, with all the problems in the USA, WHY do you guys have time to be concerned about other countries?!? If you feel aas if the bahamas isnt safe or nice or unfair then dont come, but if you want to experience a caribbean experience then come, its that simple. But to make these claims and state them as facts is nonesense.

Usually, when Bahamians get This Loud about a topic , it has to do with politics or a domino game !
In both of those situations they know the facts …..however in this case they don’t !

Then stay your ass away! And while your’e at it make sure to tell the state dept to look into the inhumane way the US treats not only vistors but its own citizens….

Bahamians need to relax! You got much bigger problems to take care off. Corruption, crime, poverty.
Look in the mirror before pointing fingers at Americans!

Self righteous American seriously think they have the right to do this as long as they’re not bothering anyone … let a outsider do that in AmeriKKKa trump land. Its principles Greg and Bob. And…William the same problems exist in your country who are you fooling??

This couple has sailed basically around the world and in hours and hours of video, they painstakingly adhere, follow and comply with all types of law and requirements of foreign countries.

When Brian says he did something the right way, you can take it to the bank!

Brian followed the letter of the law. He’s definitely not a “self-righteous” American. You don’t know him.

This couple ALWAYS follows the law of the land, no matter where they are in the world.

Looks like I’ll be bypassing the Bahamas from now on. Mr. Troutman is an American citizen, but hasn’t lived here in over 10 yrs. He highlights the places they visit so others will want to go. He even helped with hurricane relief in the Bahamas, and this is how he is treated? Nope. There’s a lot of other islands to sail to.

Don’t understand why y’all are bitching and acting like this were all human here and going through crazy time rite now and in this together at least I thought we were let the people have some fish and be on there way

Thanks Rick carry ya cunny. I feel in no way upset at what the man did. My problem is…that someone feels he was entitled to do so. And again that wouldnt be allowed or tolerated in AmeriKkKa.

Where are they dumping their garbage and soiled baby items? My concern is more for the baby than them on that island.

You’ll talk to damn much worrying about this american couple but let it be a Haitian couple doing the same thing following the law and they’ll be hunted like dogs on the seas. Leave these couples alone and worry about minnis corrupt government.

Yall bahamains go try this shit in american…they they are privileged. go home!!!!

if the donations were going to be used as leverge for a future situation he should have kept those shit! this aint the time to expolit our small country and resources…if our black asses were to try this America we KNOW what the outcome would be . What grants them special preivilege? white and being american? FOH

start with your president asshole! that shit happens worldwide..u should have injected alcohol as your president suggested

a warning should be issued to anyone rravelling to america that is not white! Fuck america!

Hopefully a storm dont catch them out there then thay will be a whole other story?‍♀️

You obviously have not watched the video of the baby rolling on the outback cushions during 6 to 8 foot seas and screaming. This is essentially a homeless, jobless, family adding a baby to get more monetary donations. The majority of these comments are from their internet money supporters, not from the Bahamian people that are complying and dealing with restrictions to get the country reopened.

Translation of Rick’s comment:

I am offended that you third world negroes would dare question a white American man on if he followed your “laws” when the first any of you have ever seen of said man was a video of him appearing to violate your marine conservation laws by crawfishing out of season. Don’t you know this man has helped you before and you now owe him! There are other third world countries I can take my superiority complex to.

@ confused, you live in a home? you go out on your lawn? They live in a boat, their lawn is the ocean. They are smarter than all of us. Don’t hate on them because they have a better situation than you.

Why don’t they show their Bahamian registration/permits on the vloggs? Why don’t they fly their courtesy flag? Why don’t they have to follow the laws of that country? It appears they are gloating about their privilege of sidestepping laws, and that is what upsets people. And what are they doing with all their time and money? Are they contributing anything to The Bahamas? That would be a strong gesture of Goodwill

superiority complex is right…! Yikes. Then you owe the nurse that washed your butt when you got sick, and the the teacher that taught you how to read etc, etc. etc…..?
It’s called Civilization and living within a Society. No juvenile name-calling is warranted.Don’t give Caucasians a bad name. (Negro is capital N)

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