Rubis joins JCNP as gold sponsor

Rubis joins JCNP as gold sponsor

Rubis Bahamas Limited has increased its commitment to cultural preservation in The Bahamas by partnering with the Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence (JCNP) as a Gold Sponsor.

According to Sales & Marketing Manager Latia Duncombe, the Gas company will be donating some 150,000 dollars to the JCNP over the next three years.

“Historically, RUBIS has sponsored at the group level and it is expected that this new partnership will allow RUBIS to contribute to this expression of Bahamian cultural heritage in another meaningful way,” said Duncombe.

“Ensuring that the history and performance of Junkanoo are passed on to and enjoyed by future generations of Bahamians is an important goal for us.

“Our mission at RUBIS is not only to provide the highest quality products and services available to our customers but invest and have a positive impact on our community.”

In honour of the new donation, The Shirley Street Cup Category has also been renamed the RUBIS Shirley Street Cup Category.