Royal Caribbean hosts another job fair in the capital

Royal Caribbean hosts another job fair in the capital

Manager says at least 200 applicants assessed


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Eyewitness News visited the Royal Caribbean Job Fair yesterday at the National Training Agency, where Bahamians lined up and waited to be interviewed for an opportunity to be a part of the Royal Caribbean family.

According to Cindy Williams-Johnson, manager of Royal Caribbean Talent Attraction, at each job fair there is a difference in the volume of applicants who are seeking employment.

“This is actually our fourth job fair here on site at the National Training Agency, and the turnout has been great,” Johnson said.

The talent manager told Eyewitness News Online that they have hired many Bahamians thus far, and they have all completed the processing phase to officially begin working and living on  Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

“From a processing standpoint, and who we have seen, it has been over 200 people, which is extremely exciting,” Johnson said.

However, Johnson said at yesterday’s job fair there was more of an interest in working on Coco Cay rather than on the actual ship.

“There has recently been an increase on the island to go there,” said Johnson, adding that working on the island is slightly different when compared to working on the ship.

Although Royal Caribbean is mostly offering a number of shipboard careers, they also advertised a few top office positions and a Bahamian was lucky to snag one.

Royal Caribbean Human Resources Manager, Antonique Smith said that she has been with the company since last October and is honoured to now be a part of the process of helping to decrease the rate of unemployment in The Bahamas.

“Primarily we are really looking for people with true technical skills that can be employed in the field, whether [it is] food and beverage, technical and even the medical field,” Smith said.

The talent manager told Eyewitness News that there are about 100 more vacancies and she is confident that they would all be filled. She said that at the completion of yesterday’s job fair, another 40 persons are expected to be employed.

“On average we see at least 100 persons on a given day, depending on the island that we are in… and it has been a very encouraging experience,” Smith said.

The Royal Caribbean Human Resources team plans to visit at least four of the family islands during their next visit.