Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines hosts job fair in GB

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines hosts job fair in GB

FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA – Dozens of Grand Bahamians had the chance to sign up for immediate employment opportunities on Thursday morning; thanks to a job fair hosted by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) which is in search of approximately 100 new associates to staff its “Perfect Day,” getaway at Coco Cay.

The cruise line hosted the job fair at the Department of Labour in Downtown, Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Qualified applicants were presented with the opportunity to apply, interview and be immediately transported to Coco Cay to start work immediately on Thursday.

“I am prepared to offer a certain amount of positions today,” Antonique Smith, Human Resources Manager, Coco Cay said.

“We have vacancies that are immediately available to be filled once we have qualified candidates in front of us.”

Smith is one of a number of Bahamians in senior management roles at RCCL.

Smith has been with the development for a little over a year now and touts that it’s the perfect environment for new and exciting employment opportunities.

“There is certainly ample opportunity within our structure. We are looking for people who are passionate and committed and really excited about what this development is bringing to our environment,” Smith said.

Job seekers told Eyewitness News Online Thursday that the job fair is a huge opportunity at a chance to set their lives in a different direction.

“The opportunity for me is great. I now have a chance to better my life by doing some things through new employment to raise some money for my family and myself,” Matthew Butterfield, Grand Bahamian job seeker said.

“This is an opportunity for me to get out of this struggle. I have been unemployed for two years now so I am ready to make this money,” Marie Lopez, Grand Bahamian job seeker asserted.

Janet Russell, Acting Labor Director in Grand Bahama said private operators, like RCCL, who are helping to stem the tide of unemployment on the island are welcomed.

“It means a lot because as you know the economy here is really down at this point. So, any time we have investors coming in to provide opportunities as it relates to employment for citizens here on the island it means a great deal for us,” Russell said.

Once fully staffed, Coco Cay will have approximately 270 workers on site.

Perfect Day at Coco Cay will be officially opened in early May.