Roof restoration for Bain and Grants Town ahead of potential storms

Roof restoration for Bain and Grants Town ahead of potential storms

Member of Parliament (MP) for Bain and Grants Town Travis Robinson revealed a newly established public-private partnership (PPP) between a number of local businesses and government, which is set to prepare residents within his constituency for any major hurricane this season.

The PPP provides in excess of $100,000 in raw materials and labor, to assist with the repair of badly damaged rooftops within the community, according to Robinson.

“The goal of this roofing project is to be able to assist some 200 residents within our community who are in desperate need of roof repairs as we go into this new hurricane season,” said Robinson.

The initiative, he said, is expected to be rolled out in four phases.

“Phase one, which will include the distribution of materials to individuals who are employed but still are in need of assistance to complete their roofs ahead of the major hurricane season,”he said,

“Phase two would include individuals who are single parents as well as the elderly. That phase will include the distribution of materials as well as physical construction and renovation of rooftops.

“Phase three will also include the same thing and then phase four will be opened up to the general constituents of Bain and Grants Town.”

Constituents told Eyewitness News that they are excited for the assistance.

“It is heart touching and we appreciate whatever he is able to do,” said Donnell Whylly.

“One, he is a young man, and two, I think he is looking out for us. I have had hurricanes [where] my house was damaged and I got no assistance. That’s why I am saying thank you to Travis Robinson.”

Another constituent Melvina Kemp agreed that the renovation project is a welcomed initiative.

“With the hurricane season coming up, I know everyone is very grateful because I am. I am getting the benefits from it,” shared Kemp.

The four phases are scheduled to be completed within the next four months.


This article was written by TAJARO HUDSON, Eyewitness News intern.