Robinson leads community walkabout after firing

Robinson leads community walkabout after firing
Member of Parliament for Bain and Grants Town, Travis Robinson, canvasses his constituency with supporters.

Bain and Grants Town MP Travis Robinson was fired from his parliamentary secretary post yesterday for taking a stand against an increase in value-added tax (VAT) on behalf of his constituents.

His first major move after the termination was to return to the very people for whom he stood up.

Robinson took to the streets and led a walkabout in his constituency, beginning at his headquarters.

The Hope Center (THC) Pastor Carlos Reid endorsed the move by Robinson and he spoke passionately to Eyewitness News about the youngest sitting MP.

Reid said this is only a stepping stone.

“Sometimes we try to figure our process, but only God can figure this out.  We prophesied over Travis, not to be an MP but to be Prime Minister….so, this is only a stepping stone,” Reid said.

“…a new breed of politicians is now starting to rise up, not just the ‘yes sir politicians, but those set that will stand up for what they feel in their heart is right.

“Travis stood up.  He had every opportunity just like everybody else to put himself first. Instead, he jeopardized his role as parliamentary secretary…but, the people of Bain Town is more important to him than his government role.”

Residents of the Bain and Grants town community also spoke with Eyewitness News about Robinson’s decision.

“He stood up for the people in Bain and Grants Town because we can’t afford no increase in VAT,” one resident who wished to remain anonymous said.

“He communicated with us and he heard our feelings and he knows what we can and cannot take.”

An elderly resident, also happy about the move said, “He is for Bain Town and I pray to God the rest will stand with him.”

Over the Hill Repair Shop owner Trevor Lockhart said, “he stood up and he is now living the consequences of his actions.”

“Travis went to the citizens of this community and heard what the citizens had to say and went back to the House of Assembly (HOA) and reported; he represented the people.”


Stand up for what you believe in. What is right, regardless of constitution. People first. And those three men stood up for their constituents

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