Bahamas hosting Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championships

Bahamas hosting Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championships

The Bahamas Golf Federation’s is hosting of the 32nd Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championships this week.

The event, staged by the Caribbean Golf Association, will commence 8:50am on Wednesday and conclude on Friday at the Albany Golf Course.

The teams competing are as follows:


Girls 11-13 – Sophie Anand and Tyesha Tynes.

Boys 11-13 – Diego Azar.

Girls 15-and-under – Kyndall Campbell.

Boys 15-and-under – Heathcliffe Kane and Benjamin Knowles.

Girls 18-and-under – Ashley Michel and Haylie Turnquest.

Boys 18-and-under – Dominic Greives and Saketh Hegde.

The manager/head coach is Alena Hutchinson. The assistant coaches are Inecia Rolle and Cameron Riley.


Boys 11-13 – Quinton Heljenek.

Girls 13-and-under – Jade Blakeley.

Boys 15-and-under – Nathan Chee-A-Tow, Dominic Jordan and Nicholas Phillips.

Girls 18-and-under – Emily Odwin.

Boys 18-and-under – Xavier Wiggins and Iz Hustler.

The coach is Denis Foster.

Cayman Islands

Boys 11-13 – Sam McLean.

Girls 15-and-under – Holly McLean and Lauren Needham.

Boys 15-and-under – Andrew Hasting, Justin Hasting and Todd Purton.

Boys 18-and-under – Aaron Jarvis and Thomas Dickens.

The manager is Robin Jarvis and the coach is Andrew Jarvis.


Boys 11-13 – Aman Dhiman and Trey Williams.

Girls 13-and-under – Mattea Issa and Winni Lau.

Girls 15-and-under – Eryn Blakeley and Emily Mayne.

Boys 15-and-under – Tristan Brown, Matthew Grant and Rocco Lopez.

Girls 18-and-under – Hannah Foster and Katherine Lee.

Boys 18-and-under – Justin Burrowes, Jack Stein and Sebert Walker Jr.

 Manager is Michele Gabay, coach Jason Lopez.

Puerto Rico

Boys 11-13 – Daniel Belardo and Darrell Santiago.

Girls 13-and-under – Camila Negroni.

Girls 15-and-under – Darianys Guzman and Angelis Rivera.

Boys 15-and-under – Gustavo Belardo, Carlos Caloca and Gustavo Rangel.

Girls 18-and-under – Andrea Balaguer and Camila Robles.

Boys 18-and-under – Andreas Aranguren, Diego Saavedra and Juan Suau.

The manager is Marilina Silen and the coach is Eduardo Figueroa.

Trinidad & Tobago

Boys 11-13 – Jerseem and Ethan Hill.

Girls 13-and-under – Faatimah Emamalie.

Girls 15-and-under – Choloe Ajodha.

Boys 15-and-under – Dravid Bhim, Jean Marc Chevrotierre, Irfaan Emamalie and Reyad Rembaran.

Girls 18-and-under – Yeli Lee.

Boys 18-and-under – Reyaz Rambarran.

 The manager is Paulina Figueroa-Raynor and the coach is Amoy Chang-Fong.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Boys 11-13 – Kurt Rivers.

Boys 18-and-under – Jamie Gray.

The manager is Greg Rivers and the coach is Stuart Gray.