ROBBERY AT GUNPOINT: Fernander says authorities concerned about recent trend amid viral video of armed robbery

ROBBERY AT GUNPOINT: Fernander says authorities concerned about recent trend amid viral video of armed robbery

Surveillance footage shows man pleading for his life during armed robbery in Fox Hill

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Footage of a man being robbed at gunpoint by two men as he stood outside his Fox Hill home made the rounds on social media yesterday, sparking residents to express concern about armed robberies, gun violence and the need to be able to bear arms.

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander said police were aware of the matter and were following significant leads, noting that the modus operandi of the armed robbery was similar to several other armed robberies in recent weeks.

Footage of a man being robbed at gunpoint outside his Fox Hill home on Tuesday night made the round on social media.

He told Eyewitness News authorities were very concerned about a trend of armed men robbing unsuspecting victims as they arrived home and at ATMs at night.

“I just got the video. I am aware of the complaint, but we saw that online and we have investigators who are following up as we speak,” Fernander said, adding that the assailants were also captured on surveillance footage robbing someone of a vehicle in the area.

“We continue to highlight these trends with people pulling up home or even leaving their workplace or even going to the ATM machines and coming home at night.

“We always try to push information out there so you can really be aware of surroundings; and we always try to advise members of the public that when you’re going home late at night, to try to call ahead of time or even stop into one of the stations and just ask the officers, I am not comfortable going home, could you please assist me in escorting me home. We want to encourage that.”

“…I can recall and reflect back when I was a victim where I had arrived home and individuals were there waiting for me and held [me] up and robbed me, and [shot me] during that time, so its never a good thing look down the barrel of a firearm.

Clayton Fernander
Deputy Commissioner of Police

Fernander was shot twice in the arm and upper body in April 2013 by two masked men, who were later found and charged.

With respect to Tuesday night’s incident, he continued: “You can see the gentleman is pleading for his life and his family is right in the house, unaware.”

In the one minute and a half video recorded by ‘Ring’, a smart home security system at the front door of the home, the man dropped to the ground with his hands raised as the gunmen took his phone and wallet, their guns at his side.

“Don’t shoot me don’t shoot me, my girl right there,” he tells the assailants.

“Take the phone. Take the phone, please. Don’t shoot me sir, please, don’t shoot me.

He continues to plead with the men not to take his life as they continue to search him for valuables, eventually spotting his ring.

However, of the men struggled to take the ring off the victim’s finger.

“Take it, don’t shoot me sit,” he pleads.

“My family right inside. Please don’t shoot me. Please man.

“Leave me with my life please sir.”

The assailants speak to the man, but it’s inaudible.

After a while longer, the men flee the scene.

The man gets up off the ground and knocks on the front door, beckoning his partner to open it quickly.

Fernander said the man did the right thing in not resisting and handing over the valuables the men desired.

Armed robberies were up 33 percent last year over the year prior, according to police statistics.

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