Road closure sparks feud

Road closure sparks feud

Three communities in western New Providence are at odds after the Ministry of Works indefinitely closed a roadway in the Killarney constituency.

In a statement, the ministry announced that Munnings Road will be closed indefinitely effective May 1.

The decision, the statement said, was made on the heels of a heated meeting held in the Killarney constituency, where residents voiced their concern about “unnecessary speeding in the area”.

Residents in Killarney Shores were hopeful that the government would simply erect speed bumps to remedy the issue. In fact, one impacted resident told Eyewitness News, “Speed bumps would have been a more effective option.”

Residents got the shock of their lives, however, when they attended the constituency meeting on March 25.

Unbeknownst to those in Killarney Shores, residents in the Emerald Coast and South Westridge communities, circulated and signed a petition for the government to close Munnings Road.

The petition won the majority vote at that meeting.

A disgruntled Killarney Shores resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Eyewitness News, “Munnings Road was a quicker route to go [to] Gladstone Road and it’s annoying to have to drive all the way around when there is a perfectly constructed road to escape traffic.”

The road closure now means that vehicular traffic will be prohibited from using Munnings Road to travel between Gladstone Road to John F. Kennedy Drive.

The road has only been closed for eight days and many residences say they are still unhappy about the road closure.

Another unsatisfied resident said, “I don’t think it makes any sense. The road is to benefit the masses and not just a few.”

Eyewitness News has learned that disgruntled residents are now discussing how they might be able to overturn the decision.


This article was written by Riel Major, Eyewitness News intern.