Rights Bahamas seeks answers

Rights Bahamas seeks answers

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Rights Bahamas on Sunday demanded that the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) immediately explain what has happened to 40-year-old Gambier Village resident, Marvin Pratt.

Pratt was allegedly arrested by Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) officers on December 5, but he never contacted his family and was never charged before the court.

Up to press time last night, calls placed to DEU head, Chief Supt. Solomon Cash went unanswered.

Pratt’s mother, Barbara Saunders (pictured) contacted Eyewitness News last Thursday in an effort to find her son as she had not seen or heard from him since his reported arrest.

Saunders claimed that repeated attempts to inquire about Marvin at CDU, who may have also used the name Marvin Saunders, proved fruitless.

Saunders said she was told that she would have to file a missing person’s report as CDU allegedly could not give an account for him.

Meanwhile the statement released from Rights Bahamas on Sunday outlined that as far as Pratt’s family knows, he has not been charged with any crime.

The organization said if he is still in police custody, his detention is illegal and is a contravention of his fundamental rights under The Bahamas Constitution.

Rights Bahamas claimed that despite trying several times to find out what has happened to Marvin, the family have allegedly been stonewalled by police.

“As far as they [the family] know, he has not been given the opportunity to consult with an attorney and has not been allowed to apply for bail – further gross violations of his constitutional rights,” Rights Bahamas said.

“Our law enforcement officials must learn that they cannot arbitrarily detain and hold people for extended periods of time. These…tactics are illegal and should not be tolerated in any democratic society.”

Rights Bahamas said if no answers are forthcoming in the very short term, they will immediately launch judicial review proceedings on behalf of Marvin Pratt.