Rights Bahamas makes another plea for shanty towns

Rights Bahamas makes another plea for shanty towns
Right Bahamas President, Stephanie St. Fleur.

President of Rights Bahamas Stephanie St. Fleur on Thursday called on the government to offer the same concessions being offered to the Over-the-Hill communities to shantytown residents.

While the government has rejected that suggestion, St. Fleur said, a major part of the problem lies with long wait times for status application approvals.

St. Fleur said the issue is deeper than the creation of shanty towns and pleaded with the government to correct what she called the many concerns regarding the immigration approval process for citizenship.

The plea comes as the government fights a court-ordered injunction, which prevents the government from tearing down shanty town communities, pending a judicial review.



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Boy just don’t change the name who care that Haitian was workers there that is our crown land not theirs look like Haitian put voodoo

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