Rights Bahamas chairperson receives absolute discharge

Rights Bahamas chairperson receives absolute discharge
Attorney Crispin Hall (left) and Rights Bahamas Chairperson Mona Agenor.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Rights Bahamas Chairperson Mona Agenor yesterday received an absolute discharge from a Magistrate’s Court judge, despite being found guilty of all charges against her regarding an encounter with immigration and police officers at her Bedrock Road home in July last year.

Agenor was charged with one count of disorderly behavior, two counts of obscene language and one count of resisting arrest.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Several of her family members were also arrested in connection to the July 31 incident and have since had their charges discharged.

Agenor’s attorney Crispin Hall told Eyewitness News: “What the judge said in his ruling was he found that Mona was guilty, but he decided ultimately not to give her a record of conviction and discharged her.”

Hall said the judge cited “the unique circumstances of the case”, noting that perhaps there was a lapse in judgement on behalf of Agenor.

The Rights Bahamas chairperson will not have a record of conviction and will not have to serve any time.

“I’m happy for her,” Hall said.

“The fact that she had her day in court and her being the chairman of Rights Bahamas, she fights for the rights of others and today she had her day in court and she fought for her very own rights today.”

As for what is next for Agenor, Hall said he will have to seek instruction from her with regard to what she wants to do.

“We accept the ruling of the court and we find the ruling to be an appropriate ruling in a circumstance like this,” he continued.

“The two things that were of paramount concern is the record of the individual and their liberty…In both cases she came out of the ordeal with both her liberty and her record intact, so we express gratitude for that ruling.”

Agenor told Eyewitness News that she is grateful that the judge decided not to convict her.

“The entire ordeal was overwhelming, but I am happy to this, and not just my case, but my daughter’s case, behind me and move forward,” she said.

“We are going to continue fighting for the rights of migrants and Rights Bahamas is going to continue fighting for the rights of all.

“We fought a fight. We got our day in court. I was found guilty and not convicted, and I was very grateful that they choose not to convict me.”


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