Rights Bahamas chairperson, among others, arraigned

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Rights Bahamas Chairperson Mona Agenor along with four others were arraigned in a magistrate’s court yesterday to face charges stemming from a recent immigration raid at a residence on Bedrock Road.

Agenor, 37, appeared before Magistrate Derence Rolle Davis.

She was charged with one count of disorderly behavior, two counts of obscene language and one count of resisting arrest.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Davis granted Agenor $2,000 bail.

Agenor’s daughter, Elddeanna, 18, was also charged with threats of harm.

She pleaded not guilty to the charge and was granted $800 bail.

Jamaine Grandoit, 19, was charged with three counts of obstruction and one count of threats of death to an immigration officer.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Grandoit was denied bail.

He was remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

Jacintha Vesilor, 39, was charged with harboring an illegal person.

Vesilor pleaded not guilty and was granted $2,500 bail.

Her son, Aubert Vesilor Jr., 22, was charged with three counts of obstruction.

He pled not guilty to the charges and was granted $3,000 bail.

Vesilor’s 15-year-old son was charged with four counts of threats of death, one count of resisting arrest, and one count of assault in connection with the same matter before Magistrate Samuel McKinney on August 2.

He was granted $6,000 bail in the Supreme Court on August 8.


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