Rights Bahamas calls for clarity on missing people

Rights Bahamas calls for clarity on missing people
NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Rights Bahamas president Stephanie St. Fleur said yesterday her organization has submitted the names of more than 400 people reportedly missing in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.
St Fleur said more people should be added to official figures, but noted there has been no feedback from the National Emergency Management Agency on RB’s list.
According to NEMA, 424 people remained missing as of October 1.
However, last week National Security minister Marvin Dames confirmed 30 people were reported missing in Grand Bahama and 252 people were unaccounted for in Abaco — a combined 282 people.
“The only response that I got from them was the list that HeadKnowles had given,” she told Eyewitness News Online.
St Fleur said: “The list from HeadKnowles was actually the list of names of people who [were evacuated] and came through Odyssey Aviation. The people who HeadKnowles brought in, nothing else.
“There are more names to be added to the list of missing people.
“If they want us to help and assist with theirs, we have been open and we have been trying, and we have been willing.”
RB submitted its last update to NEMA on September 16. St Fleur said more than 200 people were reported missing to the group since then. Most of those unaccounted for resided in Abaco, she said.
Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell said last week that based on the records of his ministry, 1,200 people were missing — 1,003 in Abaco and 205 in Grand Bahama.
However, Campbell noted there was a possibility of some double reporting, as some people made reports directly to the police.