Restrooms at Potter’s Cay dock get facelift

Restrooms at Potter’s Cay dock get facelift

Restroom facilities at the Potter’s Cay Dock have received a major facelift, thanks to a $10,000 overhaul spearheaded by the dock’s new manager, Gregory Minnis.

During an investigative report filed by Eyewitness News five months ago, the restroom facilities at the popular local hot spot were found to be in a state of disrepair. Urinals were inoperable and covered with trash bags, toilet bowls and the doors to restroom stalls were broken and vandalized, running water was scarce and the stench was unbearable.

At the time, vendors were happy to air their displeasure about the conditions and Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis gave his word that he would have things cleaned up whenever Eyewitness News returned.

This return visit came Thursday and the foul stench was non-existent, urinals were in place and operable, stalls and toilet bowls were in mint condition and all sink faucets had running water.

“Well basically we are almost complete with the bathrooms and we still have one or two more things to do. The public appreciates how the bathrooms have been transformed and they now feel comfortable going to use them,” he said.

Minnis touted that the overhaul will not only benefit vendors and Bahamians, but also provides a cleaner environment for tourists visiting the cultural hub.

“It’s better for the tourists now and I hope they can now feel comfortable using the bathrooms because when I first came out here it was a deplorable situation,” he admitted.

The effort included cleaning up the restroom, replacing street lights and a number of other aesthetic upgrades.

“Hopefully, we can get to the fruit and vendor stalls which are now in the roadway by the restrooms, we are hoping we can get that done. After that we are hopeful to get control of traffic tackled with [the help of] police.

“You can see that we have added ‘no parking’ signs and a number of other aesthetic upgrades.

“Once the road is paved we will then begin putting down road markers.”

The Prime Minister confirmed that government is still seeking various Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to fund the remaining upgrades at the dock.

He also shared that his office, in an effort to drive more business to the dock, has planned a month of activities during October.

A Junkanoo rush-out will be held at Potter’s Cay Dock on October 28.