Hope lockdown don’t extend another month. Grand Bahamians and Abaconians need extensive work repairs to be prepared for hurricane season. Lockdown until when covid19 spread ceases is detrimental to us. Let’s pray for a no hurricane Matthew 🙏 or Dorian. What will the government do then when it had no response mechanism

We need safer shelter in places for an impending stormy hurricane season. This should be our real concern. Let us not wait until it comes knocking on our door before we respond as with Dorian.

The 3 people interviewed are staged or don’t care about either the Bahamian people or the economy. The Bahamuan people want to be self sufficent, want ther lives, businesses and productively returned. Follow America’s direction, that country is opening and restoring their economy while the Bahamian government contines to sequester their people, their lives, and their economy. Open the Bahamas for the soul of the country.

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