The Number of those who are Ready to Serve the Church is Diminishing; and even the Servants of GOD are Ashamed of their Position, INSTITUTED by the ecumenical seminaries and so often Do Not Perform their Duties–These Facts are all Signs of the Rise of a Public Opinion, which Continually Growing will Lead to No One being Willing to Enter the Church, but turn to online Bible Church seeking for more truthful understanding of GOD words.
The Kingdom of God is within you.
THE last and most solemn denunciation of Jerusalem had been uttered in this chapter, the last and most terrible prediction of judgment upon the Temple spoken, and Jesus was suiting the action to the word. It was as if He had cast the dust of His Shoes against the House’ that was to be left desolate.’ And so He quitted for ever the Temple and them that held office in it.
At the beginning of Matt. 24 we find that three of His disciples asked our Lord, “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of Thy coming, and of the end of the age?”

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