RBPF military funerals restricted due to COVID-19

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Royal Bahamas Police Force said yesterday that it has had to change its process and protocols for military funerals due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, the RBPF responded to criticisms from the family of the late Sergeant Jefferson Kemp over the perceived lack of support received from the agency in the aftermath of the fallen officer’s death in October.

In a voice note that made the rounds on social media, Kemp’s sister expressed disappointment in officials not showing up for her brother’s funeral on Friday, suggesting there was a “boycott by the police” of the funeral.

However, the RBPF noted that a meeting was held with Kemp’s family after his death and the funeral and benefits processes were explained.

It advised that after a funeral at Woodlawn Gardens cemetery sparked public criticisms, the commissioner of police made a request to the competent authority to hold military rites for Assistant Commissioner Willard Cunningham, Sergeants Cedric Sears and Kemp.

However, none of the requests were approved by the competent authority and the families were advised accordingly, according to the statement.

The funeral service, which was live-streamed on the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Facebook page in September, was held in honor of the late Corporal Portia Lewis-Bain.

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle invited the Cunningham and Sears families to police headquarters last Tuesday to present them with the Bahamian flag and extended his final condolences.

Rolle has extended the same invitation to Kemp’s family at 11am today.

“The commissioner of police regrets that due to the coronavirus, changes had to be made to the usual process and protocols for military funerals,” the statement read.

“He along with members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force appreciate the disappointment those changes may cause to families of fallen officers.

“The commissioner of police and members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force appreciate the service of all officers who serve their country and stand ready to assist all families of our fallen officers.

“We wish to assure the members of the public that we in no way wish to add further hurt to any loss as these officers are our friends and family as well.

“As we seek to create safer communities, the Royal Bahamas Police Force will continue to deliver our services as a resourceful and professional police force.”


They had full military service for only certain officers,church service and everything, senior officers were present to both Sargent Lewis-Bain,and reservist damianos funerals last month and in September. They were no social distancing in the churches, no masks worn. Cheif superintendent Henry bain died recently his funeral service,was held in woodlawn gardens,with only ten persons being allowed, not one senior official was present, no band,his body wasn’t even allowed to be at Paul farquharson center where police officers are laid off,and that’s bad for an officer who retired as cheif superintendent, and reservist cheif inspector at the age he retired funeral not to be even semi military. It wasn’t military at all,he retired in good standing when he retired as chief superintendent that’s why he was called back as reservist chief inspector . Now the commissioner wants to put protocol in place, too late. “What’s good for the goose,should be good for the gander” those two female officers weren’t even on the force as long as mr.bain ,he was on the force from a young age in charge of the gun armory section. God is going to deal with the commissioner

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