RBDF probing reports of couple isolating on “uninhabited” island

RBDF probing reports of couple isolating on “uninhabited” island

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) is looking into reports of a family of three currently isolating on an uninhabited island in The Bahamas, Eyewitness News understands.

The BBC World Service featured Captain Brian Trautman and his wife Karin in a video report that quickly made its way around Bahamian social media today.

The pair host a crowd-funded travel vlog where they sail from country to country exploring the world’s oceans.

The couple, who also have a nine-month-old baby, share how they have been living onboard the SV Delos and on an uninhabited island for over 100 days – though they had only planned to stay for one month.

As of yesterday, the couple was still sailing in the Ragged Island Chain, near Maycock Cay.

“We’re thinking like, well…if we can stay here, and we can stay safe and we can stay healthy then it sounds like a much better place to be than heading off to some marina or dock in the U.S. where we’re just literally trapped on board,” Captain Trautman said.

He noted that they have managed to stay very isolated and self-sufficient – catching their own food, making drinkable water, and creating their own power supply with solar and wind.

During the interview, Trautman acknowledged that The Bahamas government had put the entire country on lockdown, closing the borders to inter-island travel on all types of transportation.

He also expressed concern over the start of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season and the active season forecasted.

“At some point, we will have to make a decision to leave because I don’t want to stay here, you don’t want to stay here through hurricane season – it sounds like a terrible idea,” he added.

“Hopefully things will improve toward the end of this month.”

The BBC story garnered some criticism by those who questioned whether the couple was in Bahamian waters legally and whether they could be considered poachers.

The couple was shown fishing and eating lobster during the closed season.

Some people insisted the story romanticized the couple opting to flee from the coronavirus outbreak in their country, noting that given their length of stay, they had ample time to return home.

The Bahamas entered into a state of emergency on March 17, just days after confirming its first case of the virus, and its borders were subsequently shut down on March 23.

The U.S. Embassy Nassau continually warned citizens who wished to return to the U.S. to make commercial arrangements as soon as possible unless prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.

For those U.S. citizens on private vessels, the embassy urged pleasure crafts anchored or moored in The Bahamas to depart directly for their country of origin.

The embassy further advised that while vessels can transit on a direct route back to the US, they will not be able to refuel or make use of fuel docks during the full lockdown period.

Departing vessels from The Bahamas were told to avoid unnecessary deviation on the way to their final destination and crew and passengers must remain aboard their vessel.

It is currently unclear whether the couple followed maritime protocol to be docked off the uninhabited island.


So what?the RBDF is going to divert assets to go look for a couple and a baby eating a couple lobsters who might be here illegal.they are not the only cruisers that I have seen on you tube in the country right know.

we all need the entertainment and the dream they live while caged at home…let them be it inspires others to stay free and treasure that

My husband and I are both Bahamians. We have been watching SVDelos on Youtube for several years. The Delos crew always do their best to look after the environment of every country they visit. They have been keeping to themselves in Ragged Island, only going ashore to uninhabited cays for a bit of exercise. They have given us free publicity by filming, photographing and posting, the beauty that surrounds them. They have helped Bahamian businesses by ordering provisions from Nassau which were sent to Ragged Island by mailboat. Brian Trautman took all necessary precautions with face covering when he went to the dock to pick up his provisions. I think the RBDF could be put to much better use than to go after one small family just trying to mind their own business and stay safe!

I totally agree with above comments.
They are more than 6 feet away from anyone. They are self isolating, only getting food needed to survive.
Leave them alone.

I wonder if all the people saying this family should be left alone would be saying the same thing if this were a small family of Haitian nationals. No one should get a pass for potentially breaking our laws because of their skin color and powerful passport.

But that is not the issue. My question is did they enter the country leagally, and if so have they overstayed their time. Yes, if they are here legally and have not overstayed their time, then ai assume they can be free to roam free once they are covid-19 free. However, they are not free to roam free because inter view island travel was restricted during the period that they were here.

SO much wrong here. And you people posting in support of them are all ridiculous enablers.

1)They are in the country illegally and have been for some time
2)They are in the country legally and have been allowed to slip through and move around (when Bahamians can’t)
3)They are in the country legally and authorities don’t have a clue where they are

And I don’t know which is the worst option, because all of them are pretty shitty and wholly unacceptable. All of them.
And all of you people who have conveniently posted above in succession couldn’t possibly have a clue.

Let’s imagine a Bahamian traveling, adventurer couple – with their baby – randomly appearing on some remote island off of the US east coast or in the UK…….in the middle of a pandemic.

What would the authorities there do? Kick them out or lock them up.
But the RBDF is supposed to just fkn leave them be where they are? Because they give good PR for the islands? Are you all insane?
Maybe the RBDF should leave them there, right through the next fkn hurricane so they get blown out to sea or sucked up by surge or a tornado and drown. And that’ll be another damn story. Great PR there.
What the hell do you lawbreaking people REALLY want?!???

covid19 has increased the all-cause death-rate by 1%-15%, depending in location. In many places (Florida +1%, Tennessee +.5%) it would be lost in the statistical noise. In NY (+15%!), Illinois (+4%), Michigan (+5%) it’s more significant. All of these places were locked down. Something different is going on in these places, and it’s probably related to how our older, sicker people have been handled by their health care institutions – those ARE the ones are affected by this for the most part.. Point is, these people in the Ragged Islands couldn’t cause harm to anyone – it’s not possible, they’re obviously not sick if they’ve been there for 100 days, they aren’t going moving around, and no one else lives there.. it’s one of the easiest cases to decide about that exists and doesn’t warrant the fuel to investigate or the time to consider. RBDF has bigger fish to fry I’m sure. As long as they haven’t overstayed their visa (6 months?) who cares. To Cleare: this isn’t the US! your analogy is not apples to apples.

Enabler Ken: There is much more to this than COVID19. Unfortunate you don’t/can’t/won’t see that.
Quite obviously this isn’t the US. Nor is it the UK. But it is a sovereign country with laws to uphold… please don’t pretend you didn’t get that. You let one of these slip through the crack and they’ll all be doing the same thing..probably already are, hence the ‘support’ given above.
If you’re a Bahamian, look around you and see what’s really happening to and in your country; I don’t have to explain it if you open your eyes. If you’re not Bahamian, your other vested interests wouldn’t allow you to get it anyway and my effort to explain it for you would be wasted.

Cleare you obliviously aren’t well versed in world affairs! I know of 10 or more Bahamians who are here in the states over their visa allotment. We don’t care we have much bigger fish to fry? Wouldn’t you rather see your very limited defense force round up the 50 or so Haitians that just landed in your country that have traveled from several infected countries prior to coming ashore and are there to displace your work force for lower paying jobs.
Everyone coped with the virus in a different way. Let’s get thru this with a positive attitude!

Capt Byrd, if you know of 10 or more Bahamians in America beyond their visa allotment and you have not reported them, you are aiding and abetting unlawful behavior. Send their asses back to The Bahamas if they have overstayed. No excuse. As for the rest of your run-on, send them back too. And you… if you break that law at any point in time, which you seem apt to do.
And, again, this is not just about the virus..perhaps you missed that part.

Totally agree with eveything you wrote. Anyone in support of the family of 3 traversing in and out of the islands, harvesting lobster off season, has got to be non-Bahamian. A Bahamian has not been able to fish for substence unless approved and the approval varies during the status of lockdown.
The family makes money from the videos, is not spending any money in the Bahamas, and is living off the island resources.
The RBDF is well aware that an achored vessel cannot change anchorages without strict approval process and no one can leave the vessel to go to their choice of islands. A money making gig taking advantage of the Bahamas. Their best plan is to get all the necessary approval, answer intense questions about what they did, be monetarily fined, (we have had Bahamians jailed and fined for lessor infarctions) and leave the Bahamas immediately. It really is disgusting seeing any government support, if it is so, as the rest of the Bahamas remains in stages of recovery.

Please, now I guess they will be called criminals next ? RBDF doesn’t have better things to do? Like catching drug dealers and such……they are staying healthy and keeping others healthy by staying isolated. They’re not trying to take over the Bahamas people! Don’t put handcuffs on the baby if you all catch them ok ? I guess if they catch them they’ll send them into a nice crowd where they can possibly catch covid-19 I mean come on people some time you have to know when to show compassion and grace who knows they’re videos may make the Bahamas the center of attraction for visitors when things open up!

Wow… wishing for people you don’t know to get blown away by a hurricane and drown, nice one! Including an infant. What have they done to you personally to go off like that?
Beautiful country, but very mean people throwing death wishes at tourists.

They entered legally, and they haven’t left the Ragged islands, they have a 53’ yacht and have self isolated since arriving. They got permission to pick up food from the dock and never went beyond the dock then returned to their boat. Everything they have done is completely legal. The problem is your government not communicating with each other. Customs has cleared them and they have time left before they have to leave. They don’t have a home to go home to because they live on the boat full time and have for 10 years. When their visas expire they will leave, it’s the safest option for everyone involved.

I agree that comment was uncalled for, but there should not be any tourist in their country during this COVID pandemic They haven’t opened the country up yet to tourists so i understand the concern

Hi. Cant help but chime in a bit here, something I never do. I am not going to reveal my race or nationality due to the fact that already this discussion seems incredibly charged. I lived on the island chains off Belize recently as a non-native with a visa for 6 months. I understand that Belize and the Bahamas are not the same but issues I saw there are cropping up in this discussion here. Nationalism just isn’t the way. All of these nationalistic opinions are only damaging. I can admit that some government and control of boarders is a necessary part of this world and provision for that should be a part of a government’s focus but those programs should be tempered with perspective and cautious enforcement. I believe the best thing we have done in the nations across the world is creation of the world heritage sites, like the Belize blue hole for example, parts of the world which everyone collectively has ownership of. We are all members of the human race living on the earth. If some of us choose to live in a certain way or in a certain region, especially if that region is diverse from our own culture and may see us as apart from it or a threat to it, then some pause should be given before we are threatened or expelled by a local government from the region. If governments require documentation then fine. It should be given, and left at that. Enforcement and expulsion past that, without proof of unlawful and damaging conduct within a country, infringes on freedom. The oceanic environments, however, can not be a free-for-all. The ocean is slowly dying and care must be taken to live in harmony with so many aspects of the environment on an island like those beautiful cayes of the Bahamas. In depth understanding of the ocean environment and specific species (those at risk, those invasive, etc) must be requisite for anyone choosing such a life. I believe if it can be proven that this family is living responsibly off the land they should be left alone. Just because the Bahamians control the region does not give them ownership over every eagle ray, every snapper, every blue crab. Send an islander with a visa up to northern Scotland to go foraging for mushrooms and subsist on fresh water from the mountain burms. I believe they would be welcomed with open arms by the scottish people. I hope someday we can reach such interculturation everywhere.

Five daya ago their video posted them as leaving San Juan, not posting as “this is day 100 in the same anchorage.” The people that are not in the Bahamas are not aware of all the restrictions the Bahamian residents are under. The Bahamians have new rules over the past few months and this boater should not be an exception. The RBDF needs to intervene, it is their purpose. The American government would be sending aomeone to check on the welfare of the baby as one video has the baby rolling around in the sunlight on deck cushions, screaming and unattended as the boat passes through heavy seas, not even anorexic mom came to the infants suffering.

Dear Cass,

I know you choose not to divulge your race or nationality, but I (as a black person from a developing country) have only ever encountered such naive idealism from folks of European decent in possession of “first world” passports. While I agree that we have a right to live as we choose, those rights are constrained by law and order. This family has since confirmed that they are following protocol and got the necessary permissions for their stay and that’s fine, but your assertion that they should have been left alone while appearing to break rules just smacks of privilege. No, we don’t have ownership of every creature in our waters but we do have the responsibility of protecting them, which is why there was outrage over them appearing to be catching crawfish during a closed season designed to conserve that species. If I were to go to Scotland and make videos of me foraging for mushrooms during a period that is not allowed, I can guarantee I’d have to explain myself to the authorities at the very least

He is not aiding, nor is it the responsibility of me as a citizen to “report anyone”. That shit is how few control the masses.
We should be helping each other, not beating each other down

Well now. Look at the Americans/foreigners all band together. Don’t do it.

Shawna, are you serious? Death wishes? You mean to tell me you can’t identify sarcasm when you see it? Why do we bother with silly people like you? Clearly you missed that point. Here it is again just for you:
The assholes saying leave them alone are the ones who have a death wish for these people. It is hurricane season soon. If the couple/baby were left alone, and blew away in a hurricane, etc., you Shawna and the other enablers would be the first ones to cry out “Oh my why didn’t the Bahamian people help them!”
Enough of the disingenuousness.

As it turns out, all 3) possible scenarios were accurate.
They were here legally for a time (assuming papers are legit as indicated).
They stayed when they should have left, AS TOLD TO by the Bahamas government and the US State Dept,
AND they were moving around when Bahamians couldn’t, AND the authorities didn’t really know where they were!
But now that hurricane season is upon us, they want to be rescued. FFS man. You people really treat the Bahamas like your backyard picnic/playground.

Joy Knowles, yes. Criminals stay illegally when the law (of 2 countries, I might add) has TOLD them to leave.

Justin, do their visas expire before November? Because hurricane season lasts til November. Or are you one of the other enablers saying leave them where they are? I see Cass wants them to be left alone there too. You people….

Chris A Malcolm, if you are an American in America and are concealing from the US government that there are people in the US who shouldn’t be there, you are not being a responsible citizen. Same applies if Bahamian in the Bahamas. And if the US government were to learn that you knew and you said nothing, I’ll let you guess what would come next for you.
Bottom line: the couple decided they would advertise their whereabouts to increase hits and income to their vlog. It is exactly as it is. And should be dealt with by all respective authorities accordingly.

The couple have Permits. The RBDF should check the health of the Infant. Child abuse is a crime.

Leave em alone….leave them the hell alone. This covid thing is upsetting people’s way of life. I mean what harm are they really doing anyone. None so leave them be.

I think your concern is valid but if you knew these people like those of us who have been following them online for years, you would know that they always follow laws with the utmost respect, everywhere they go. I have no doubt that they have done absolutely nothing wrong or illegal and I guarantee they aren’t the only ones out there.

They have legally cleared customs. Jane a permit to fish. Try watching their videos then judge.

Cleare I know them personally and every single one of your assumptions are inaccurate. They checked in prior to lockdown, because they live on their boat full time they don’t have a home nation to go home to one is an American the other a Swede. They are not asking for help to leave, they are simply saying weather will determine how long they can stay put. They have not been roaming the islands, they have been anchored in the same place for months, they requested and received permission to get supplies delivered to a nearby island and the Captain followed Bahamian government instructions on retrieving them. Their videos are about three months behind current time so anyone watching a video on YouTube is seeing what they were doing before the virus became an issue. They are amazing parents that have spent thousands of dollars in the Bahamas and also organized multiple relief efforts following the last hurricane. They help organize private boaters bringing supplies to the remote islands. You can take your anger out online all you want but the fact of the matter is you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, you don’t know anything about the people you’re attacking, and you’re ignorant of boating regulations and customs regulations that apply to cruisers. So please just Go away.

Justin Thompson, I could not possibly care less how well you know them, and they may in fact be nice people. That’s not the question or the issue.
Lockdown meant a narrow window of opportunity to Leave. You chose not to leave and return to your country where you have full rights to dock.
And then you advertise your story to international news agents painting a picture as if you’re in some great dilemma, between pandemic and hurricane? To do what, increase your popularity? Make (more) money?

Go away? Never. I’m at home in my country buddy. You and/or yours can go. Because, as Brandon Williams indicated, they are almost certainly not ‘the only ones out there’.

Oh, my apologies – a Swede, not an American. BFD

Akina I absolutely agree with you. If they are catching crawfish out of season then there is a problem and they should face some consequences for that just as those with residency would. Like I said before it is of utmost importance, before any debate about boarders or visas, that they are living responsibly in this environment. If they aren’t there should be repercussions. So that’s what this discussion should be about, not whether or not they are from a privileged country. You bring the issue of priveledged passport holders in again wrongly. If we reject others because they are different from us, or from a different land with different customs and cultural frameworks than us, then growth disappears. True there is inherant inequality, and I hope to see that rectified little by little. I wish things could change. A Honduran should have the same visa allowances that a Swede should have. But in the context of this issue factions, privatization and nationalism can only sew hate.

They are not the only ones stuck in a country that’s not home. Bahamians are all over the world right now and airports are closed. No one is stressing then to leave so what’s the problem?

There is a big difference between people being in a country legally versus illegally… one has rights the others do not.. the color of skin does not matter. It isn’t fair for example for someone to come into the great USA illegally and expect the same rights that someone who came here from another country who participated in legal citizenship process to be Americans legally. They spent their time and money to do this because they appreciate the freedom of USA.

They are not only free to leave the Bahamas, they are encouraged to go. But the US doesn’t have the free anchorages and free access to seafood like the Bahamas does.
The current state of boaters in the Bahamas are not to move their vessel if at anchor, not to depart their vessel, and not to dump their black water wastes overboard. Permission to move their their boat requires approval from RBDF and Nassau.
The RBDF stops Bahamians in a 16 foot boat trying to go fishing for a few hours and sends them back to port based on stages of lock down and the Bahamians comply.
Does their “helping the Abacos after the hurricane” give them special privelges such as dumping diapers into the ocean or sneaking onto the island to dispose of them.
The majority of the comments supporting this homeless family are rom non-Bahamians or Bahamians who are financially secure and do not have true knowledge or experience of what their fellow Bahamiams are undergoing to support this beautiful country which includes supportingdoing the current laws and orders.

Omg what the hell is this world coming to!! We are in the middle of a pandemic these people are out in the water in they private boat. Because!! And these people worrying about them catching a few fish and what ever to survive.. ?? Jesus take the wheel.. this far most the inhumane’s shizz I have ever heard.. father God I plead the blood of your son Jesus Christ over these people right now keep the safe from all harm . In the name of Jesus Amen ????????

They don’t dump diapers. If you watch they are reusable. I am sure they follow the international laws on black water dumping.

Jim, they use washable diapers, they have their own desalination plant and create their own water. The video showing them crawfishing is from footage when the season was still open. . They store their food in reusable containers for the most part, and they supplement it with what they can catch. And they paid the fees for their fishing permit. It’s understandable that people are pissed about the conditions during lockdown but attacking people you don’t know, when you don’t have a clue what the real situation is, and then throwing out your misinformed opinions is irresponsible and makes you look like an envious fool.
I live on the Delmarva near a Tyson chicken factory, there are 27 Bahamian citizens that were here working on visas, they have been extended indefinitely due to the virus. Not kicked out to go back because of this stupid flu. They are working and continuing to earn their pay. Good for them, I’m happy for them, I haven’t worked since March 17th. You and Cleare are bitter envious people.

Brian and Karin paid all the fees, checked all the boxes, abided by all the rules. They are literally 90% self sustaining, they need no water, no electricity, they can go up to 3 months at a time with the supplies they carry. I guarantee they have had less of an impact on the environment in the islands than you have over the same period of time, and their presence has brought positive cash flow to the Bahamian economy, and aid to Bahamian citizens multiple times over the last 3 years, but they are the subject of your anger because they chose to shelter in place rather than travel to a place that isn’t their home, where they would not be able to be isolated and self sufficient? You and Cleare need to renew your connection with humanity and step outside your angry little spheres.

Cass, I bring up privileged passport holders because far too often they visit or live in developing nations and feel that the laws of those nations don’t apply to them. As long as we are in agreement that no one gets a pass to violate sovereign laws then that is all that matters.

Justin, what you fail to realize is that most people don’t have intimate knowledge of this couple like you do. Most people in The Bahamas have never heard of them or their vlogs. If the first introduction you have to someone is a video that looks like they are breaking your environmental laws, you’d probably be outraged too. I will agree that the personal attacks on them are ridiculous and uncalled for. Now that they have clarified their situation, this just needs to die.

Americans and non-Bahamians, spend three months in the shoes of the Bahamian people, and you will understand the issues that these homeless in a 58 foot boat, free to fish and go to the uninhabited island, enjoying privledges that the Bahamians gave up to help their country are creating. This couple does not respect the Bahamas, they are hiding out here and yes they should leave before the hurricane season really starts.

Thank you person with their eyes wide open. Its funny how this behavior is predisposed in our minds to think their is exception. If it was anybody else, it would be get their arse out so do the same here. Now we must wait for the other people to be inspired by this and do the same migrate their while colony to one of our even lesser inhabited islands?. Sorry, they do a great job with their show its time to leave. I could round up 10000 bahamians who haVe been turned away from the us government travelling LEGALLY, why must we submit to these illegal squatters of sorts type of people, cause their fancy cameras? Matter of fact in nassau most peoole cant go to the beach or waters,some foreigners are able to enjoy it?. Great Job, time to pack it up.

Thank you for being sensible. They want Bahamians to continue to have this predisposed mindset that there is an exception. It goes on everyday in Nassau, foreigners getting better treatment than natives,customer service etc etc. When has squatting of sorts become encouraging? Before you know all our tiny cays will be resided on, and if fancy cameras is enough for people to say”leave dem” imagine some fancy talkin lawyers from foreign. We will c just how much of a sucker our RBDF/Authorities are on how this is handled. Bahamians could barely go to the beach or ocean during this time and they get to enjoy it?. Call me a hater i dont care
or mind,fact is fact. I could call 10000 bahamians that were turned away from the USA goverment CBP when they were traveliing LEGALLY, and now they want these people to get a pass,like they are in some type of crisis. Slave mentality is well and rampant.

Agree 100% Either using our beautiful country to do a documentary on themselves without the proper protocol

Capt Byrd come on they are not sending the whole entire RBDF to check on those humans they are sending the RBDF officers that are assigned to deal with this situation like this during this time. The man power is there for this kind situation it their duty that’s what they are there for. This is what we are paying these officers for. The entire force won’t be sent

They aren’t breaking any laws. they go out of their way (more than some locals) to obey the laws of the countries they enter.

the lobster was caught in season. watch their videos. They follow the laws more than some of your countrymen.


Heather I think you need to chill. You may be a rabid fan but the rest of us don’t know who these people are. If it looks like something wrong is being done, you better believe we gonna ask questions. But we see how you people react to black people asking y’all questions everyday in US news…

“you people” wow. There were false accusations flying like crazy so of course I am going to defend people I know to be honest and good humans who only bring positivity and awareness to the world. When they first started this I told them how they were going to make the Ragged Islands famous but I had no idea some Bahamians would have such a negative opinion on them being in the country. Also there are 100 sailboats with foreign nationals in the harbor in Georgetown right now who are also minding their business and waiting this thing out. Are you also questioning every thing they do and post online? No. Only these guys because their story got picked up by BBC. The hate in this world is strong and I hope that changes. I 100% hate a poacher and raise my concerns about people from the DR and elsewhere (especially the USA) poaching in Bahamian waters but these guys are the good ones and do not deserve all these negative and false comments. I just finished reading the Twitter comments and I’m appalled at the hate and racism coming out of those tweets.

LOL you hit the nail on the head and didn’t even realize it. If they or their fans can’t handle criticism then they may want to reconsider putting their lives out into the public domain. Maybe take your frustrations out on the BBC for the misrepresentation. If they had included some dates on their video then there would be no confusion.
And that’s right, I said “you people” as in the same people who benefit from a system that sees good humans like Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd executed, but go on and lecture me about racism

Heather the same way you can imply her countrymen are criminals is the same way she can imply white ppl are racist and as a black person living in Michigan, she is absolutely right

THANK YOU Pete!! She can throw as much shade as she likes, but the minute someone turns her passive aggressive game back on her suddenly she’s the victim. Whoa chile the entitlement. Living among them must be exhausting.

This whole conversation has gone sideways. I follow Captain Trautman on YouTube as well as Zatara and a few other sailboats that are crisscrossing the oceans and our waters. This thread now has lots of negative energy. I’m a Bahamian and welcome all of our visitors, inclusive of the seafaring adventurers. Once no Bahamian laws have been broken and all of the right procedures have been followed, I encourage this family and all other boaters to visit our islands. We have more than our share of problems at the moment and it’s very likely that Covid19 will not be the last.

@ Pete, well I’ve seen Bahamians catching out of season with my own eyes. I’m just saying that this couple goes out of their way to obey the laws of the places they visit.

They are not there illegaly. You can go to their YouTube channel and watch them checking into the country.

No, we aren’t enablers. we know the facts. You can go right now and see them checking in on their YouTube channel. They have stayed at the island they were at (legally) when the lock down was put in place. Delos has been sailing the world for 10 years and always abides by the laws, rules, and regulations. Anyone familiar with their channel has seen them going to great effort making sure every time they are in a country to make sure everything is in proper order, and always responsible and respectful of the countries they are in. You are an idiot making accusations based on your assumptions while not knowing a factual thing about the situation.

I’m sure a small family of Haitian nationals sailing in on a blue water capable boat and carrying enough supplies to be self sufficient would be left alone as well. The only law they “might” be breaking is fishing season. They checked into the country properly and legally

They are in the country legally, sv Delos is not an amateur couple they have been doing this full time for over a decade. They know how to properly check in. As far as overstaying I would assume that those limits are suspended during the lockdown. Them being on deserted islands, even if they do island hop, is still much less risky for everyone than them being in a harbor

You have no clue who these people are, and there thoughtfulness to their environment. They’ve checked in with the Bahama government and they’re fine. I’ve been part of the Delos journey for years.

Delos is doing great and can do no wrong. They were there prior to covid. Their boat had been there prior to that even.

Like hundreds of others, they LIVE aboard a sailboat. They make a living by vlogging about the places they visit. SV Delos has been very well known for years. They always obey the law and always check in and out with the appropriate authorities–which can be really hard to do on some islands.

NOW, they are, like you and me, TRAPPED by the virus. And they need to EAT, don’t you agree?

You are, I see, wishing death on them and their baby because you imagine maybe they didn’t pay the fee and fill out the paperwork?

Thousands of people look in on them weekly and adore that baby. There’s no abuse.

I have nothing but love, support and respect for the Delos crew. They have replied and are living within the law, treating the environment with respect as they always do.

For god sake leave this couple alone. There are far worse criminals to go after. They are highly respected and environmental activists amongst the sailing community. They aren’t hurting anyone or anything.

Get a grip and leave Delos alone to seek their best path during Covid.

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