RBDF investigating Haitian freighter destroyed by fire, one woman dead

RBDF investigating Haitian freighter destroyed by fire, one woman dead
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is investigating the circumstances of a Haitian vessel that was destroyed by fire, off Stella Maris, Long Island yesterday.

The Haitian Freighter was reportedly en route to Haiti from New Providence.

According to a statement, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Operations Center was reportedly alerted to a medical emergency onboard a Haitian Freighter around 1.30am on Wednesday.

However three hours later, it was reported that a woman onboard who required medical attention died.

“The master of the vessel was advised to seek permission from the designated and competent authorities to re-enter the territorial waters/harbour in Cat Island, consistent with the emergency orders,” the statement read.

“However, approximately 3 hours later the master of the vessel advised that the female onboard who required medical attention had passed.”

The statement contined: “On Thursday evening, the Defence Force Operations Center received a call from Police Operations Room [referencing] an 80-foot steel hull vessel, which was on fire off Stella Maris, Long Island or 10 miles off the eastern shoreline of Salt Pond.”

“Local police officials assisted by residents utilizing jet skis responded, but were unable to render assistance due to the intensity of the flames on the vessel.

“Also, rescue efforts were initiated by the defence force (aircraft) and United States Coast Guard, which were hindered by inclement weather.

“A search of the surrounding area and shorelines by both the police and residents this morning uncovered 2 Haitian nationals associated with the vessel, who appeared to be a bit dehydrated and slightly shaken up.”

The RBDF said the Haitian nationals indicated that eight persons made it to shore and are assisting Police with further investigations, the statement read

The RBDF’s probe is supported by the Royal Bahamas Police Force, and US Coast Guard cutter.


Can we get a real to the bottom storey on why more than 10 cruise ships are an anchored in our waters for more than a month, they would have passed quarentine time limits, so they should now be in their home port and bahamaS is not home to None of them, yes registration but that’s it, we don’t know if they have passengers, if they come And go from ship to ship, how and where they dump or dispose of their sewer and garbage, has anyone on any ship died, buried etc, does customs, immigration know the nationality of each by personal verification or only by paper saying such.who gave the permission, did they follow the law in doing so, because a designated port is done through Customs and a officer/s are to be stationed 24/7 with all needed facilities and overtime pay for such. That’s for starters.

Cruise ship anchor just off South Cat Cay tkes their dinghies to shore, so apparently this ship has some permission.

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