RBDF hosts Ironman Triathlon competition

RBDF hosts Ironman Triathlon competition

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Able Seaman Gharvis Sturrup proved to be the best all-around athlete, as he captured the prestigious Ironman Triathlon competition at the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Annual Ironman Triathlon competition on May 31st.

Held at the Coral Harbour Base, the young rookie bested 8 other competitors in a grueling and fierce competition with an overall time of 57 minutes, 15 seconds. Marine Seaman Troy Seymour followed a close second with a time of 57 minutes, 43 seconds and  Able Seaman Georgino Bodie rounded out the top three with a time of 1:12.38 seconds. Able Woman Anishka Bonaby was the top finisher in the open female category with a time of 1:28.16 seconds

To be considered the best all-around athlete in this annual competition, both male and female participants must complete a 500-meter swim, cycle eight miles and run a three-mile road race.  A number of individuals once again competed for the prestigious Ironman title, which had not showcased since 2012 due to operational obligations by the organization.

“It was a brutal competition, if I must say. I didn’t prepare for it as I should, but I’m glad of the outcome,” said Sturrup. “It was extremely hot today, the bicycle part of it was OK, but the running portion took everything out of me. Although I’m not certain what the future holds, I would like to defend my title.”

A past champion, Able Woman Marine Bonaby was happy to complete the course on top, but for her, more competition is needed.

“It was a bit rough for me, seeing that I didn’t compete in a long time,” said Bonaby. “The guys taking part encouraged me on, which is great for us who are competing. Although there were 3 females taking part, I still wish more females can come out and participate. Although it is a rigorous feat, it is also fun to compete.”

All of the participating athletes were presented with medals and prize monies during a special Morning Colors presentation by Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel. He also witnessed the fierce competition, and commended both organizers and participants for their awesome display of friendly competition.