RBDF commander meets with community associations

RBDF commander meets with community associations

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Commander Defence Force Commodore Raymond King this week met with members of the RBDF Veteran’s Association (RBDFVA) and National Fisheries Association (NFA).

The meetings were in keeping with King’s “intent of improving the quality of life for retirees and veterans” and “objective of strengthening the force’s relationship and partnership with critical stakeholders”, the force said.

The RBDFVA, led by President Chief Petty Officer (retired) Harold Bosfield, “seeks to encourage and foster comradeship and provide an avenue for bringing members together and keeping in touch with past members”.

“Commodore King listened to the concerns and assured members of the association that the RBDF continues to work with them to provide relief from conditions of need, hardship or distress,” the force stated.

It added, “Also in attendance was Lieutenant Commander Judy McDonald, RBDF veteran affairs officer. Chaplain of the association Chief Petty Officer (retired) Samuel Rolle provided names of past members who were experiencing medical challenges and asked that the force continue to pray for their wellness.

“The RBDFVA continues to lend support to veterans and former comrades who have also been impacted by the COVID pandemic. The morale and welfare of members of the RBDF remain a priority.”

During the NFA meeting, that association’s president, Keith Carroll, and his team “expressed matters relating to maritime resources as well as ways to strategically protect fisheries resources” and thanked the force for “protecting the territorial waters of The Bahamas, as both sides remain committed to ensuring the stability of the national fishery resource”.

“The objective of the meeting was to establish a formal relationship with the National Fisheries Association via a memorandum of understanding; to establish biannual meetings to assess fisheries concerns and share best practices; to share information and intelligence using secure networks, year-end analysis and debriefs; as well as [establish] the need for identification and appointment of liaison officers to ensure proper channels of communication including operational planning,” the RBDF said.

It added, “As the RBDF continues to protect and patrol the territorial integrity of The Bahamas, Commodore King reassured the NFA that the organization remains committed to protecting the fishing environment and guarding our heritage.”