RBC launches Caribbean Acts of Kindness campaign

RBC launches Caribbean Acts of Kindness campaign

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Royal Bank of Canada yesterday announced the launch of Caribbean Acts of Kindness – a new campaign designed to highlight the everyday acts of kindness helping individuals and communities navigate through the coronavirus pandemic.

“History shows us that quite often, the darkest times can often bring out the best in people,” said Rob Johnston, Head of Caribbean Banking, Royal Bank of Canada.

“Over the past eight months, every single one of us – and everyone we know – has experienced a tremendous amount of change, uncertainty, and disruption as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.”

“However, through these difficult times, there have been pockets of light in the form of compassionate gestures, community involvement, and genuine acts of goodwill. Times like these often cause us to better notice the everyday acts of humanity that can bring a smile to our faces and brighten up our days.

“We want to share those stories,” Johnston said.

The Caribbean Acts of Kindness campaign will highlight the random acts of kindness performed by members of the public and RBC employees that have helped individuals and communities over the past eight months.

As part of the campaign, RBC will place story highlights in local papers, share stories through social media, sponsor call-in radio segments for members of the public to share their stories, and recognize individuals with “Surprise and Delight Awards” – with donations being made to their respective charities.

“From providing groceries to those in need, to helping our frontline workers, people are making a difference and showcasing our resilient Caribbean spirit,” added Johnston.

“Let’s celebrate these incredible acts of kindness, generosity, and ingenuity across the region.”

Individuals can visit RBC at www.facebook.com/RBCCaribbean to share their stories and read about others.

The campaign runs until December 13.