Ranking The Best New Shows On Netflix You Can Stream Right Now

Ranking The Best New Shows On Netflix You Can Stream Right Now

For the weekend of Jan. 6, Streamline recommends “Black Mirror” in the top Netflix spot for the first time.

This series of standalone episodes that portray different ways the future is going to be really scary has already proven to be one of Netflix’s best shows. This season is no exception.

Vulture recently ranked this new season’s premiere episode as the second best in the series to date. As with tradition on the show, Season 4 also has all sorts of fun “Easter eggs” to look out for, like a surprise Kirsten Dunst cameo where she just walks around in the background for a few seconds. The show doesn’t even explain if she’s playing a character or she’s playing herself. In the future, Dunst might be an ageless zombie wandering around our lives incapable of speech. The plots on this show are so scary!

“Black Mirror” is well worth the watch, despite every episode essentially breaking down to: A protagonist tries new technology and ends the episode screaming obnoxiously.

“Lovesick” also joins the list. This show used to be known by the amazing and insane title “Scrotal Recall,” as the main character finds out he has chlamydia and starts a mission to tell all his past hookups. That name was truly amazing, but also, objectively, bad. And so now you get to watch “Lovesick.”

The show is very charming and basically has that increasingly rare quality (in the age of PRESTIGE TELEVISION) where watching it just feels like you’re hanging out with friends having a good time. No super dark and heavy material here. Just people bouncing around.

If you’re looking for a late-night watch and are hungover or something like that, “Lovesick” isn’t a bad choice.

Netflix brass is starting to reap the benefits of the company’s stock rising 55 percent in 2017. CEO Reed Hastings is now getting $28.7 million in stock options, a bump from the $21 million he got last year. His base salary is declining from $850,000 to $700,000, but he’s unlikely to be upset about that.

This is so much money! And all for duping over 100 million people to subscribe to the service when they thought they could watch a show called “Scrotal Recall.”

Also, Citi analysts predicted Monday that there’s a 40 percent chance Apple will just straight-up buy Netflix. The streaming wars may soon come down to the differences among Apple’s mountain of money, Disney’s mountain of money and Amazon’s mountain of money.

Millennials might not have any money themselves as housing costs rise, public transportation infrastructure crumbles and wages stagnate ― but at least they’ll have plenty of content to stream in their living pods.

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