Push to Talk solutions now available in The Bahamas

Push to Talk solutions now available in The Bahamas
Tim Allerton, CEO of Push to Talk International, speaks at a press conference to introduce the company's partnership with Iscape and Aliv.

Iscape Networks has introduced what it calls an innovative product, Push to Talk (PTT) solutions, to the local communications market.

The company and its investors said they expect PPT solutions to usher in a new era of technology for small and large-scale businesses, which currently utilize two-way radios to communicate.

PTT solutions will allow businesses, that buy into the innovative communication platform, to communicate with a multi-purpose radio device which also operates as a smartphone that will provide real time GPS tracking.

The new hand-held device is also equipped with a camera.

“Ultimately the idea is to empower businesses with this technology,” investor James Cole said.

“PTT solutions allows you in a food store business to talk to your drivers or your warehouse staff or even your managers with just a push of a button and everyone can be a part of one conversation. There is no limit to the number of persons that can communicate within a company’s network, at one time, which means that this device is perfect for small and large-scale businesses.

“You can talk to one of your store managers in a Family Island. If you’re an airline company or courier company, you are not limited by the broadcast capabilities of a two-way radio. You have the ALIV network to take your transmission throughout their network and the scope of that is enormous.”

Iscape Networks, which has been in operation for 10 years, has partnered with major international brand Push To Talk and local telecom giant ALIV for the new venture.

“We’ve promised to partner with Bahamian businesses and we continue to make good on that promise,” said Damian Blackburn, Aliv’s chief officer.

“We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build two world class LTE networks here. This is now going to allow business users in The Bahamas, who have very specific needs and are currently using radios, to use the investment that we have put in place to meet their business needs,”

The partnership ensures that the device, and the services which it provides, are available within every island where ALIV is accessible; and anywhere in the world where LTE networks are available.

“With ALIV’s network you can actually use the LTE Push To Talk anywhere in The Bahamas and outside the country as well. Business here can also have conversations with someone in Miami, New York or Hong Kong – wherever there is an LTE network, it will work,” said Alan Bates, chief ALIV partner.

According to ALIV executives, this is the first time that a partnership of this magnitude has been undertaken in The Bahamas. The new partnership has positioned Iscape as a market leader not only in The Bahamas, but a pioneer within the region as well.

Iscape Networks confirmed that various business sectors have been testing PPT solutions for the past three months.

Iscape Networks, a wholly Bahamian-owned company, specializes in the sales of telecommunications equipment, computer and software. Interested business persons are encouraged to contact Iscape Networks or ALIV to sign up for PPT solutions.