Unhappy doctors could put public health at risk

Unhappy doctors could put public health at risk
Minister of Health, Dr. Duane Sands.

The country’s public health care system could face another national crisis this week as Eyewitness News understands that junior doctors are now upset and planning to take action.

According to Bahamas Doctors Union (BDU) President Dr. Macumba Miller, action could come as soon as today.

Dr Miller however, stressed that patient care still remains their number one priority.

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands is reportedly aware of the issue and the concerns by doctors.

The new development follows last week’s unauthorised ‘sick out’ staged by nurses, after they did not report to work.

While the episode lasted less than 48 hours, it severely affected the health care systems on New Providence and Abaco and put additional pressure on younger nurses to fill the void.

It appears that doctors’ concerns may stem from not having a clear future career path in the wake of mounting changes in the public health care sector.