PSA president: There’s no proof that retirement exercise was political

PSA president: There’s no proof that retirement exercise was political

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Despite the recent claims of the opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), President of the Police Staff Association (PSA), Sonny Miller said that he does not believe that the recent police retirement announcements were politically influenced.

“We don’t believe that it was political because we had no proof or anything to say that it was, and we just don’t talk from the top of our head and guess whether it was political or not,” Miller told Eyewitness News Online Tuesday.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force recently announced the retirement of several long-standing officers. Among them were several high-ranking officers such as Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean, Emerick Seymour and Clarence Reckley.

Miller said whichever direction these officers take following their leave, he is sure that they will succeed.

“We know that if any of those three distinguished gentlemen decide to take a job into the private or public sector, we know that wherever they go, that establishment or institution will definitely benefit because they are three very outstanding gentlemen,” Miller said.

Last week, the PLP claimed that ACP Reckley was being forced to take an early retirement, even though he was not up for retirement until 2022.

ACP Reckley’s wife, Michelle Reckley was recently arrested on charges of stealing from the government during her tenure as Deputy Director of Urban Renewal in Grand Bahama.

Michelle Reckley was accused of defrauding the government of $172, 646.18; extorting $71,062.18 and participating in $230,000 worth of corruption transactions among the named defendants.

She is currently on $9,000 bail.